Julbo New winter collection: commitment born of the mountains

Born in the heart of the Jura mountains more than 125 years ago, the Julbo eyewear brand has grown up with the values of commitment and solidarity typical of mountain people. This mountain spirit and the practical ability to develop the most effective solutions for all its customers is what gives the brand its strength and makes it stand out from the crowd. Protection and vision are its guides.

And the demands of the terrain, the wealth of experience acquired with athletes and professionals allow it to go that bit further, with innovations that are genuinely useful for the practice of each sport.

This drive to offer competition-beating, higher-performance products better adapted to their users is very much in evidence this season with a host of amazing new concepts.

For example, new goggles with the Minimalist Frame concept and an unrivalled field of vision on the large-format Universe and Quantum models and Atmo for juniors. And a new photochromic polarized lens known as Snow Tiger. And the new Conehead technology which is shaking up the world of in-mold helmets by offering greater protection and lightness.

And finally the new Symbios Connect helmet which, in addition to its Hybrid II technology, incorporates Bluetooth technology for even greater comfort and safety. This winter more than ever, make the difference with Julbo!


- Its range of photochromic lenses with the new Snow Tiger lens
- Its wide field of vision goggles with the Minimalist Frame concept
- Its new Welcome goggle in the Family Series for a new arrival: Sam Favret


- Its Symbios Connect helmet with Bluetooth technology
- Its Meta helmet with Conehead technology for maximum comfort and safety

About  Julbo Group :

125 years fl y by when your head is always full of ideas and dreams. Drawing inspiration from its heritage Julbo wants to be known for its outdoor spirit in the eyewear market. We will soon be releasing new ranges and new products but always with that same taste for adventure and freedom that allows everyone to see the world even better.
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