Garia Mansory Prism: The fastest and lightest golf cart ever made by Danish luxury golf cart firm Garia

COPENHAGEN, Denmark--The creative collaboration between Mansory Design and Garia reaches new heights with this years exhibited model at the Geneva Auto Show 2015. The Garia Mansory Prism is the fastest golf cart the duo has made to date with a top speed of 60 km/h (37 mph) and an acceleration of 0-40 km/h (25mph) in less than 2 seconds thanks to new Samsung Lithium Batteries and an upgraded Curtis Controller. The speed is further assisted by a significant weight loss compared to a regular Garia Monaco Roadster of more than 150 kg, making this also the lightest Garia ever made.

Still suitable for golf due to its adjustable speed and regeneration settings via the machined aluminium knobs on the dashboard, the driver can opt for one of the three driving programs: "Golf" "Street" or "Race" - the last one powerful enough to spin its wheels on dry tarmac and lending the car a go-cart attitude in terms of handling and performance. Turn the switch to “Golf” and the top speed, acceleration and torque settings are adjusted to golf course accepted levels. This really is the ultimate golf car!

Made as a visualization of the customization program Garia offers its clients, the Garia Mansory Prism debuts chrome body panels and aluminium switches made in collaboration with German Bugatti supplier Kussmaul. Clear coated carbon fibre parts and leather seats comes from Mansory who offers a full official range of upgrades for all Garia models. All parts of the car are made from the highest quality materials only seen in high-end supercars and the aerospace industry. Skilled technicians assemble each car by hand to the highest specifications.

Most of the parts on the Garia Mansory Prism is available as upgrades for all regular Garia cars, but the specific design of the Garia Mansory Prism and its unique performance and adjustable settings is strictly limited to 7 pieces. The heart of the Prism – the Samsung Lithium Battery – is however available for all new and existing Garia cars – although without the special Garia Mansory Prism controller. Still it enables speeds at 60 km/h (37 mph*), improved acceleration as well as longer range and faster charging compared to traditional lead acid batteries.

The Garia Mansory Prism is street legal in Europe and can be registered with license plates and driven on the road.

Regular Garia Golf Cars are – depending on options – available for considerably less than 15.000€, however securing one of the 7 Garia Mansory Prism is slightly more expensive at MSRP 75.000€ + VAT.

Garia is available from more than 100 Garia dealers around the world. For more info go to www.garia.com
* In the U.S. the top speed will be limited to 20 mph due to federal law. Acceleration and other benefits will remain.


Garia is a Danish privately owned company founded in 2005 with the sole purpose of building the ultimate luxury golf carts. Available in golf versions as well as EU and U.S. street legal versions with 2 and 4 seats plus a roadster variant the Garia can be custom made to suit your every need via the Garia Mansory Accessory program and a wide range of options. Garia ambassadors include 7 time PGA winner Bubba Watson LPGA player Paula Creamer.

High resolution images are available for download here: http://garia.com/gallery/garia-mansory-prism-gallery

Learn more about the Garia Mansory Prism: www.garia.com/vehicles/garia-mansory-prism/
Follow Garia on twitter: @gariagolfcar

Contacts : Garia / Anders Lynge / Mail: press@garia.com / Tel: +45 46 570 580

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