Recon Instruments And APX Labs Announce Partnership

APX's Skylight enterprise smart glasses software to leverage Recon Jet's ability to deliver information in high intensity environments

VANCOUVER, Canada and WASHINGTON, March 16, 2015 -- Recon Instruments, the award winning technology company behind the world's first consumer smart eyewear for sports and high intensity environments, is pleased to announce a partnership with the global leader in enterprise software for smart glasses, APX Labs. Recon's new smart eyewear, the Recon Jet, will enable workers in industries like manufacturing, field service and oil and gas to communicate clearly and access critical data at a glance, without interruption from the task at hand. Jet will run APX's industry leading Skylight software to provide hands-on workers with connectivity to colleagues and immediate access to critical data they need to do their best work.

"The partnership with APX Labs demonstrates the scalability of our Jet smart eyewear platform into industrial markets," said Dan Eisenhardt, CEO of Recon Instruments. "One of Recon's core philosophies is that smart eyewear can deliver incredible value in specific vertical markets with specific applications. We've defined the smart eyewear category on this basis. The integration of APX Labs' Skylight enterprise smart glasses software platform and Jet's core capabilities together unlock a wide range of operational scenarios across the hands-on and deskless workforce in the leading enterprises in the world."

"Skylight was built for the people who build, fix, move and operate things for their job," said Brian Ballard, co-Founder and CEO of APX Labs. "With Jet and Skylight, we can increase productivity with real-time, hands-free access to information, applications and remote experts, The fact that Jet was developed to withstand harsh outdoor environments while maintaining a highly wearable form factor makes it a terrific new addition to the Skylight ecosystem."

To learn more about APX and Recon, please visit: www.apx-labs.com/landing/apx-and-recon/.

Contact for Recon Instruments: Mark Riedy/ Mark@trueoverdrive.com / +1 415 302 2923

William Parry/ William@reconinstruments.com / +1 604 638 1608

Contact for APX Labs: Katherine Verducci / MIX Public Relations/ apxlabs@mix-pr.com

About Recon Instruments

Recon Instruments is a world leader in heads-up display (HUD) and smart eyewear technology for sports, recreational activities and high intensity environments. Founded in 2008, Recon's award-winning multi-patent and patent-pending technology platform integrates a HUD with a state-of-the-art computing platform and sensor suite. Recon's smart eyewear and smart goggles run an operating system with an open SDK to empower developers to create apps for an endless variety of sports and activities. With worldwide distribution and partnerships with leading technology and optics companies, Recon continues to define and evolve the smart eyewear category.

For more information, visit www.reconinstruments.com.

About APX Labs

Since 2010, APX Labs has been the market leader in developing smart glasses enterprise software. APX Labs' Skylight product supports many types of smart glasses, integrates with existing business systems, and is used today in a wide range of industrial operations, including manufacturing, assembly, field service, repair, training, and compliance.

For additional information, visit www.apx-labs.com.

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