KADALOCK, Connected, security ensured

March 16, 2015 --KADALOCK is the first bicycle bottle cage compatible Bluetooth cable lock.

KADALOCK is an innovative design that brings upon revolutionary changes in bicycle security. Unlike traditional bicycle locks, KADALOCK is simply an attachment to the mounting holes of bottle cage, and it uses latest Bluetooth® Smart technology to connect to the user's mobile phone. KADALOCK automatically activates when the user touches the body of the lock, otherwise remain in sleep mode to reduce energy consumption. Once awaken, KADALOCK will establish wireless transmission to the user’s smartphone, then request for digital code that authorizes the unlocking of KADALOCK.

The estimated weight of the lock body is only 250g (without bottle cage), and the cable has 120cm length that is sufficient to contain two bicycles. KADALOCK has “lock removal prevention” as one of the anti-theft feature, the mounting bolts are well shielded that any act of trying to remove the lock from the bike or to cut the locking cable under locked status will result in the activation of the 80dB alarm and alarm notification on the smart phone screen of the user.

The lock has rechargeable Lithium battery that can be on standby for 1 year. Once the KADALOCK is locked, the full charged battery could be functional for around 11 days under locked status. Sleeping mode and touch-and-awake features are provided for longer battery usage.

Look more detail: http://www.kadalock.com/

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