New Wearable Fitness Technology Product Rhythm Ring Launches through Indiegogo

Rhythm Ring, a new wearable technology product merging entertainment and health, has just been released in Indiegogo. This device is a combination of an MP3 with a SD card that allows users to upload and control music.

Guam March 16, 2015
After years of hard work, co-founder Lionel Thomas and his team is proud to announce the official launch of their new wearable technology product Rhythm Ring. Created to make jogging or exercise sessions more enjoyable with relaxing music, Rhythm Ring is now available for preorder on Indiegogo. Unlike most of the available wearable technology products, Rhythm Ring fits on the user’s finger and efficiently performs the calorie tracking function. At the same time, it also allows users to shuffle and change the music without obstructing their workout.

The extraordinary efficiency of Rhythm Ring as a wearable fitness technology product can be attributed to its features as mentioned below:
  • Compact size makes it easier for users to change the selection of their tunes while running
  • Inbuilt Bluetooth 4.0 feature allows it to stream the music by syncing with any mobile device, allowing convenient control of the playlist.
  • Micro USB port to connect to Android or iOS devices, making it possible to track the calorie count through a mobile app.
  • LED indicator to show whether the device is running low on battery.
  • Can be charged through its separate charging stand or via Tablet, Notebook or PC through a micro USB cable.
Rhythm Ring is the brainchild of Lionel Thomas, a wearable technology enthusiast that has been working as a Network Administrator for the past 15 years. While serving in the merchant marines, Lionel frequently travelled the world. This was the major influence behind the development of Rhythm Ring. The development process started in early 2010, and in these five years, Lionel has worked closely with many great designers and engineers. He is finally ready to let the world benefit from his cutting edge product.

Talking about his intentions behind creating Rhythm Ring, Lionel says, “My idea was to design and develop a simple product that strives to enhance an Individual’s life by merging technology & health together with a stylish wearable product.”

To find out more about Rhythm Ring, please visit http://www.myrhythmring.net/.

About Rhythm Ring: 

Rhythm Ring is a wearable technology device that is an MP3 with a SD card, allowing the consumer to upload music and control it easily via a form fitting and aesthetically appealing finger sleeve with interwoven controllers. The device is now available for pre-order in Indiegogo.

By Lionel Thomas through PRWEB press release ©

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