Crispin Sinclair Innovation Launches World’s Safest Bicycle, the Babel Bike

Company hopes to raise £50,000 on crowdfunding site Indiegogo

LONDON--Today Crispin Sinclair Innovation launches Babel Bike, the world’s safest bicycle, on crowdfunding site Indiegogo. Featuring a revolutionary advanced safety cell, seat belts and steel foot protectors, the bike is designed to protect cyclists from the leading cause of road fatalities, offering them unparalleled protection on the road. 

Three years in the making, Crispin Sinclair Innovation has created the world’s safest bike which feature a groundbreaking advanced safety cell fitted as standard. The Babel Bikes are fitted with the highest level of primary safety equipment and are available in both electric and non-electric versions.

Crispin Sinclair Innovation is a London based company with Crispin Sinclair at the helm. From a family of inventors, Crispin’s father, Sir Clive Sinclair, was most famous for the UK’s first mass-market home computers in the 80’s. Crispin follows in his father’s creative footsteps and is ready to bring the world something new.

Crispin Sinclair, founder of Babel Bikes explains, “Our dream is to put a million more cyclists on our roads, and therefore take a million cars off them, and to do that we need to give cyclists their safety back. As a recent report put it ‘If we can tackle the safety issue, we could open the floodgates to a new era of mass cycling participation’, and that is exactly what we hope to do and with the help of the Indiegogo community.”

According to Transport for London almost 20,000 pedal cyclists causalities were reported in London in 2013. There have been increases in recent years in the number of cyclists who have been seriously injured. In 2013 serious injuries were 31% higher than the average over 2005-09.
“Bikes haven’t seen significant innovation since the 1884 Rover Safety Bicycle” tells Mike Bonney “We are delighted to present the biggest step forward in bicycle safety since then and quite simply the safest bike the world has ever seen. The shape and structure of the bikes helps to reduce deaths and serious injuries from turning lorries and buses at busy junctions – the single biggest killers of cyclists, but of course the bikes still need to be fast and fun to ride.”

The Babel Bike will be available on Indiegogo with non-electric bikes starting at £1,999.

Editor’s notes
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For more information, please visit Crispin Sinclair Innovations’ website here, Indiegogo page here.

Crispin Sinclair Innovation was formed in December 2012 and created specifically to design and build the world’s safest bike. The Babel Bike has been in the making for over 2 years.
After an accident in 2011, Crispin Sinclair came up with the idea of adding safety to a bicycle to create a new safer genre of bike. Combined with an advanced safety cell, seat belt and steal foot protectors, Crispin and his team decided to add a myriad of other original safety features and have safety tested with HGVs.

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