Sikk Shades unveiled Huckleberry Crystal Clear & Fire Iridium Lens

HOUSTON, TX – April 18, 2015 – Sikk Shades, the leader in high performance eyewear, is proud to announce the release of the Huckleberry in Crystal Clear with Fire Iridium Lenses.

This all-new colorway is the signature model of motocross racer Mike Alessi. Mike isn’t an easy guy to impress, and after seeing the clarity of our Flash Electric™ lens technology and experiencing the perfectly balanced design of our patented “non-slip” nose cradle, he was sold!

The Sikk Shades Flash Electric™ lens technology, similar to HD for sunglasses, works to block out the “bad” short wave blue light that’s damaging to the eyes. Max Velocity TR-90 frames with a padded “non-slip” nose cradle prevent the shades from slipping off your face during activity. The Sikk Shades Huckleberry is 100% handmade in Italy with extreme attention to detail and the lightweight construction along with proper weight balancing guarantees long-wearing comfort wont create pressure points or fatigue, so you forget you’re even wearing the shades.

The flamboyant, oversized lenses were designed by Eddie Bauer Jr along with top athletes and brand visionaries. Large frames, paired with micro-engineered red lenses give an exceedingly broad field of vision while minimizing peripheral distractions.
  • Flash Electric™ lens technology blocks out “bad” light waves
  • Inspired by the iconic Wayfarer
  • Non-Slip nose cradle
  • Handmade in Italy
  • ANSI (American National Standards Institute) Z80-certified
  • Large field of vision with minimal peripheral distractions
  • Proud Supporter of Mike Alessi (MotoConcepts) and Austin Politelli (51FIFTY)
The Sikk Shades Huckleberry is the perfect blend between fashionable and durable. These shades were designed for the active adventurer who wants high performance eye wear but doesn’t want to sacrifice good looks. The Huckleberry can be purchases online at www.sikkshades.com for $119.99
Sikk Shades uses Flash Electric™ Lens Technology for its sports sunglasses. Flash Electric™ lenses basically act as filters that block more bad (short wave) light and allow more good (long wave) light to come in.

Effectively, this cuts glare as well as Polarized lenses, but without all the prism effects, distance skews, and distortions. Other lenses, including many Polarized, can block too much of the good light necessary for proper vision, tricking the eyes, resulting in dilated pupils. Having bigger pupils means that more harmful radiation can enter your eyes. Do yourself a favor and try on a pair of Sikk Shades today. Prepare yourself for the most extreme sunglasses experience of your life!

For more information about Sikk Shades visit our website (www.sikkshades.com), follow us on Twitter (@SikkShades), Facebook (www.facebook.com/sikkshades) and Instagram (@SikkShades).

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