Rad Power Bikes, a Seattle Electric bike Company, is Redefining the Affordable Electric Fat Bike with the RadRover™

SEATTLE-- Seattle electric bike company, Rad Power Bikes created the RadRover™, an electric fat bike with industry leading performance without the expensive price tag. In three weeks the company’s Indiegogo campaign has raised over 430% of their funding goal, selling more than 180 RadRovers™.

Unlike many campaigns that wait until funding is completed, the company started production of the RadRover™ after only one week of fundraising.

For a limited time, the RadRover™ can be purchased for $1,099. Electric fat bikes on the market, with the same high-end features, are sold at significantly higher price points, according to company’s President, Mike Radenbaugh.

“Most electric fat bikes range in price between three and five thousand dollars and come equipped with low wattage 36 volt power systems,” Radenbaugh said.

What Makes the RadRover Different?
Traveling a legal speed of 20mph, and 20-50 miles per charge, the RadRover™ uses a high capacity 48 volt Samsung battery, brushless DC hub motor and 750 watt controller resulting in nearly twice the power of common store bought electric bikes. Riders experience longer run times and faster acceleration as a result of the high-end electric drive components.

Accessories include a bell, LED headlight, USB charging port for portable devices, and an LCD display measuring speed, power consumption, and remaining battery capacity.

“After 8 years of building custom electric bikes we’ve applied our knowledge of electric bike battery and drivetrain technologies to create a bike that can easily climb hills and provides ample range using a seven pound removable battery pack,” said Radenbaugh.

The Indiegogo campaign ends May 18th and then purchase price of the RadRover™ will be $1,499.

About Rad Power Bikes
President and Co-founder, Mike Radenbaugh, started Rad Power Bikes in 2007 and focused on custom electric bikes and guidance to DIY electric bike builders. After eight years in the electric bike space, Radenbaugh and his team are now providing customers with a fully integrated electric fat bike, the RadRover™. The company is dedicated to providing electric bikes that comply with electric bike laws while exceeding the expectations of users to help proliferate the adoption of electric bikes.


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Contacts: Rad Power Bikes / Ty Collins, 800-939-0310 Ext: 701 / ty@radpowerbikes.com

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