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University of Edinburgh in Scotland
Universities are investing in high-end gyms. Precor´s latest university installations feature state-of-the art digital technology such as P80 consoles and Preva™ networks. The University of Edinburgh now has the largest single site Precor installation in Europe with 145 machines. 

In January 2015, the University of Edinburgh in Scotland re-opened the gym in its Pleasance Sports Complex. And it is not just any gym, but a true state-of-the art installation for over 16,000 members.

The University of Edinburgh is proud of its Centre for Sport and Exercise (CSE), which has one of the most respected multi-sport and exercise programs in the country, and provides facilities for students and gym members as well as elite athletes.

The stunning new facility is equipped with new wiring to support network connectivity. It has a refreshed layout to provide more logical equipment clusters.

The refurbishment included the installation of 102 brand new Precor units, including top of the line cross trainers, bikes from the award-winning, premium 885 range and treadmills from the recently launched Precor Next-Generation Experience Series.

The upgrade brings the total number of Precor exercise machines to 145, making it Precor’s largest single site installation in Europe.

A good gym attracts students and staff

In total, the refurbishment was a £500,000 (692,520 euros) investment. It is part of a strategic pledge and ongoing commitment from the university to ensure its members and guests have access to the most technologically advanced equipment to support their health and well-being.

The University of Edinburgh´s new installation is part of a bigger global trend. Today´s universities are very competitive, and they seek to attract talented students and staff in all possible ways.

“When students need to choose between two universities with roughly equal academic rankings, they will choose the one with better amenities.  The recreation center gym is a big part of that. There is also growing evidence that physical activity improves the students’ academic performance, which is another driver of the demand”, explains Stephen Bruner, Marketing Manager at Precor.

University of Edinburgh in Scotland

Students expect premium quality equipment and technology

Today’s student exercisers demand entertainment and connectivity. All the new installations at universities feature the latest gym equipment.

“Students expect the university to invest in technology and that is why the P80 consoles networked with Preva are an appealing option”, says Bruner.

Preva is Precor’s networked fitness solution, a cloud-based platform incorporating a suite of tools to the benefit of both exercisers and fitness facility operators.

In Edinburgh, the administrators use Preva features like facility feeds to promote University news, fitness center promotions and course content.

Precor has recently delivered many up-to-date installations to universities especially in the United States, but also in Europe.

“In North America, universities have invested heavily in athletic facilities and recreation centers for over 10 years. Educational market is our largest vertical market segment in North America.”
How about the future?

“We do not see this market slowing down. We are engineering new customer engagement strategies to capture more market share”, tells Bruner.

P80 console

  • A multimedia console with a 15" LCD capacitive touch screen display
  • iPhone and iPod compatible
  • Preva™ network capable
  • Media support
  • Motion controls
Watch the video: In Depth look at the Precor P80 Console

Preva™ networked fitness

  • Features to help attract, engage, motivate and support users
  • Personal Accounts provides the ability to set goals, track progress, save and re-do workouts
  • Delivers popular web content and web browsing in an easy to use, in-motion format
Watch the video: The Preva Networked Fitness Experience

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