Revolutionary 'RunRite System' Launches on Kickstarter

One Lucky Runner Could Walk Away With $1,000,000

SCOTTSDALE, AZ--( May 06, 2015) - Beginning today, runners, coaches, physical therapist and athletes in all sports have to opportunity to purchase the RunRite System for a limited time exclusively at www.runritesystem.com/kickstarter.

Created by athletes, kinesiologist, and medical professionals at the Sports Science Center in Scottsdale, Arizona, the RunRite System is the first wearable capable of its kind to provide usable information about running technique. The RunRite System consists of two sensors attached to each runner's legs and a third sensor hooked onto the pelvis of the runner.

"Our goal was to create a product that gave every runner or athlete the solution to improving running performance, not just a bunch of data," said Zig Ziegler, Director of Biomechanics and Kinesiology at the Sports Science Center. "The RunRite System gives runners a true running efficiency percentage of zero to one hundred percent (0%-100%) based on the body's biomechanics."

The first wearable device which monitors running biomechanics outside of a sports lab, the RunRite System will also be used as a part of a new televised competition for runners, where the Fittest Runner in America will be crowned, with a chance to win $1,000,000 later this year.

When worn while running or walking, the RunRite sensors monitor the runner's leg range of motion and pelvis posture. The RunRite software features a sophisticated Step Tracker, which visually shows each individual runner the position of each leg while running. The RunRite sensors measure the length (ROM) of each step and can tell any runner if a technique problem or running time is being impacted by fatigue, weakness, or muscle imbalances, which might alter running mechanics and affect overall running time.

According to the Sports Science Center, the average runner scores 50% while elite runners score an average of 70% because they have imbalances for which they compensate while running. "Elite runners just train harder and train through injuries," stated Ziegler.

"Other wearable systems make claims of measuring running efficiency based on one piece of data. Most often a runner's heart rate or oxygen intake are used to grade efficiency," Ziegler added. "However, the RunRite System measures how the body moves, which can affect heart rate, power, and other variables including muscle contractions and neuropathy. The best part for runners, is when they use the RunRite System, sure they'll get verbal feedback. But this is not a cheerleader, it's a real coach telling you how to improve not to just to go run more or to go run faster."

RunRite System athletes will also receive customized strength and flexibility exercises based on the RunRite software's evaluation of their body's muscle strengths, weaknesses, and technique while walking or running.

"This is serious technology for serious athletes," said Jamir Miller, former NFL star and part of the RunRite System's ownership group. "Injuries and bad coaching are hurting sports performances."

"Every step you take is an opportunity to improve," said Ziegler, who also hosts Fitness From the Ground Up, a weekly show on NBC Sports Radio from the Arizona broadcast studios. "The RunRite System is the only tool capable of helping you get there by measuring your body's movements, identifying weak or tight muscles which are the causes of flaws in your technique, and then recommending exercises to improve your weaknesses."

The RunRite System is not just for runners. It's for every athlete, coach, trainer, or physical therapist who is serious about improving sports performance.

"Hey, I became a believer when my marathon race pace went from an average from 8:30 per mile to 7:45 per mile in less than 5 weeks," said Victor V., 47 of Phoenix. "And most importantly, my injuries went away as I did the exercises recommended for me."

Some of the world's greatest athletes past and present have been a part of the research process during the creation of the algorithms behind the technology. During the research phase of developing the RunRite System, over 50,000 athletes were assessed.

"The body, the game, it's all connected," said former NBA Star Shaquille O'Neal. "If your ankle is off, it can throw your knee off, if your knee is off, it can throw your hips off." O'Neal was a part of the Sports Science Center's research in 2008 when versions of the technology were used to help him shoot 73.3% from the free throw line for a short period after identifying imbalances related to weaknesses in his feet.

"This technology is amazing with it can do to help athletes reduce injuries and improve performance," said Bruce Jenner, reality tv star and 1976 US Olympic Gold medalist in track and field. Jenner was with Ziegler and Sports Science Center researchers at a media event to demonstrate a golf version of the system in 2012 before the famed reality TV star began his transformation process. "I had knee injuries and injuries like most athletes while competing," Jenner added. "I wish I had access to something like this when I was younger."

To give runners and athletes the incentive to use the technology and improve how their body moves, The Sports Science Center has created a new fitness competition for runners, the RunRite Revolution (www.runriterevolution.com).

"We want the everyday person who may not be the best runner in the terms of winning races to have a chance to become a millionaire athlete. That's what every athlete strives for is improvement, but we keep guessing at what we need to do to get there," Ziegler added. "We believe, the RunRite System is the solution!"

The RunRite PC (Personal Coach), for individual athletes, is expected to be available for mass market purchase in December of 2015. A limited number of RunRite Systems for Windows, iPhone, and Android devices, went on sale today at a price of $149 (Regular Retail Price $299) on Kickstarter (www.runritesystem.com/kickstarter). Two versions of the RunRite System are available: RunRite PRO for the health and fitness professional or sports coach; and the RunRite-PC (Personal Coach) for the individual athlete.

The RunRite system does more than track data. The RunRite System actually analyzes the data and tells the athlete what to work on to run faster, jump higher, and stay healthy. As the RunRite sensors communicate data to the software, complex algorithms analyze the data and look for range motion deficits potentially caused by strengths and weaknesses in the athlete based on the kinesiology and biomechanics of the athlete's body. The RunRite System is sophisticated enough to identify exactly which exercises an athlete could do to reduce injury risk and improve sports performance.

RunRite -- It's not the sensors, it what we do with them. To join the RunRite Revolution, order your RunRite System now. Or to find out if it's right for you, visit www.runritesystem.com/kickstarter. Media Inquiries and for opportunities not listed on Kickstarter, please contact The Sports Science Center at 480-656-5887.

About the Sports Science Center: 

Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, The Sports Science Center is one of the world's leading sports assessment and injury prevention organizations. Led by noted Sports Kinesiologist, Zig Ziegler, the Sports Science Center's staff has conducted research on more than 50,000 individual athletes including professional athletes in football, basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis, golf, basketball, and track and field (running). www.thesportssciencecenter.com

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