Jussi Oksanen has joined Mizu full time

Mizu is excited to announce that its co-founder, Jussi Oksanen, has joined the company in a full time capacity.

Jussi Oksanen has been one of the world’s leading professional snowboarders for 17 years. A former Olympian, his contest achievements include 7 Winter X-Games medals and numerous international contest podiums. Jussi’s love of the backcountry and his relentless personal drive to push the boundaries of snowboard filmmaking has created an impressive career and a library of videos that have inspired 2 generations of snowboarders. His latest escapades can be seen at Burton Presents BACKCOUNTRY.

Jussi’s love of the natural environment led him to found Mizu in an effort to help reduce the amount of single-use plastic waste his generation is producing. Jussi says, “I’m thrilled and humbled that everything fell in to place exactly as I’d hoped it would with my snowboarding career and with Mizu. Tim Pogue (CEO) has taken the company to the next level and I’m really excited to be working alongside him developing new products and guiding Mizu’s marketing. I’m thrilled we’ve reached this point in Mizu’s evolution and I’m even more excited about the next chapter.”

Tim Pogue is also a snowboarding industry veteran who served as the Burton team manager before starting Ride Snowboards in the 1990’s and eventually meeting Jussi in the summer of 2012. He joined the company later that year and describes the move with Jussi joining the company as “ …great news for Mizu! Professional athletes in any sport that can manage a career at Jussi’s level for that long are extremely rare. He brings Mizu all of his hard-earned years of outdoor backcountry experience, product development experience, marketing experience, but most important, he brings back the contagious inspiration of why he started Mizu – to make a difference.”

Jussi’s decision to make the transition comes on the back of yet another successful year filming for Burton Snowboards in addition to another X Games Real Snow edit. Jake Burton of Burton Snowboards says, "Jussi has been a key part of the Burton family for 14 years, and as much as we will miss him it makes us very happy to see him make the transition towards the next chapter of his life with Mizu. Not everybody starts a company that makes the planet a better place, and he did. I admire his efforts and look forward to crossing paths with him in business and on the hill."

Jussi is working in marketing and branding as well as leading Mizu’s advocate program and social media. He also plays a key role in product development including the development of Mizu’s new V-Series stainless steel vacuum-sealed insulated bottles and cups that are currently available in the Burton line up of Mizu products.
About Mizu:    

Mizu is the Japanese word for water and the company is dedicated to Protecting Where We Play by providing innovative reusable containers that help reduce waste created by single-use bottles and cups. Mizu's core mission is to provide active people with smart hydration and drink ware options so that we can go have fun and feel good about it. Mizu partner brands include Nixon, Volcom, Electric, Capita, Poler, Roark, Civilware, Girl & Chocolate Skateboards and Burton. The Mizu family spans the globe and includes action sports industry veterans and professional athletes that are unified by a passion for our sports and a deeply seeded respect for the oceans, mountains and cities we play in. We call this living a #mizulife.

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