Spacecraft Unveils New Fall 14 Collection

New art + goods headed to a local retailer near you
Seattle, WA (September 23, 2014) – Fall 2014 marks a new chapter in the story of Seattle-based art brand, Spacecraft. With an updated creative marketing team in place alongside Creative Director, Stefan Hoffman, Spacecraft plans to focus on gallery exhibitions, frequently changing sticker sheets, art-inspired products and capsule collections that will complement its core selection of headwear, apparel & accessories.

From the latest collaboration with classic hat makers, Stormy Kromer, to an array of beanies, apparel, art and accessories, the Fall 2014 collection is a true representation of Spacecraft's artistic sensibilities. Each style in the line was first conceptualized in the studio, as art, and then developed into the final product that is presented this season.

“Our mission is to create things that we love and extend them to our culture. We hope you will love this next chapter of art and goods. It has been an adventure to create and bring this collection to you,” said Spacecraft Co-Founder, Stefan Hoffman.

Aside from the new product offering, fans of the brand can expect to experience new marketing initiatives, sticker-related POP installations within core retailers, and art-based events throughout the course of the season. Longtime fans of the brand will be excited to hear that Spacecraft intends to get back to its roots by offering new sticker sheets, art prints, ongoing collaborations, and a fair amount of other surprises throughout the coming year. 

Follow the Snowcat to browse the entire Fall '14 product offering.

About Spacecraft:

Spacecraft is a project-based brand dedicated to cultivating a collective conscious built on the principals of art. We use many mediums to convey our message of exploration, intelligence, and creativity, with a goal of inciting change through conscious communication. Spacecraft has always been about the process of making and experimentation. Though not always the quickest or easiest route, this method of interaction yields highly refined offerings of art and product.

For more info on the Spacecraft brand, astronauts and product, visit spacecraftcollective.com.

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