LifeBEAM Releases World's First "Smart" Cycling Helmet

Developer of bio-sensing technology for wearables, puts real-time heart rate monitor, calorie counter and Bluetooth® 4.0 / ANT+™ connectivity into a Lazer Genesis helmet

TEL AVIV, Israel, Sept. 25, 2014 -- LifeBEAM, a developer of bio-sensing technology, today launched the LifeBEAM Helmet, the world's first "smart" cycling helmet. The second iteration of a successful Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, the LifeBEAM Helmet has been re-engineered to offer aerospace-grade heart rate and calorie consumption measurements – all without a chest strap. The LifeBEAM Helmet and limited edition carbon carrying case will be available online and distributed in 50 countries.

A specialist in bio-sensing technology for fighter pilots, astronauts and Special Forces units, LifeBEAM entered the consumer market in March 2013 with an Indiegogo campaign to crowdfund the world's first smart cycling helmet. The successful campaign allowed LifeBEAM to ship the first batch of helmets in fall of 2013. Since then, LifeBEAM has expanded into the consumer electronics and fitness gear markets through number of B2B contracts that have yet to be disclosed. The company has also upgraded the LifeBEAM helmet's physical design and bio-sensing technology to provide the most accurate and unobtrusive monitoring capabilities possible.

"We tested the LifeBEAM Helmet's sensor technology with Special Forces units in cold, rain, sweat and snow – basically in all the most rugged and challenging conditions we could find," said Omri Yoffe, co-founder and CEO of LifeBEAM. "The result is an all-weather device with a competitive weight and the respected design of Lazer's classic racing helmet. This device will help recreational and professional bicyclers perform their best in training and races."

The upgraded sensor relies on the same algorithm used in LifeBEAM's aerospace systems. This algorithm not only increases measurement speed and accuracy but also reduces battery consumption, allowing an average bicyclist to use the helmet three or four times per week for an entire month without recharging. In addition, the LifeBEAM Helmet's new LYCRA® headband and redesigned casing ensures greater comfort and clear heart rate readings regardless of motion, sweat or adverse weather conditions.

The LifeBEAM Helmet now broadcasts both Bluetooth® 4.0 and ANT+™ protocols so that users can transfer heart rate and calorie measurements to a smartphone or wearable device like a smartwatch. This versatility allows bicyclists to pair the LifeBEAM helmet with the fitness apps and accessories of their choice.

Finally, the new LifeBEAM Helmet also comes with a limited edition carbon carrying case modeled on the cases that fighter pilots use to store, transport and protect their helmets. The case's ventilation system ensures that the helmet can properly dry after a long ride.

"The LifeBEAM Helmet has been popular with bicyclists who want a highly reliable heart rate monitor that doesn't get in the way," added Yoffe. "For cyclists and mountain bikers, chest-strap monitors can be uncomfortable, cumbersome and unreliable under intense conditions. The LifeBEAM Helmet works without the rider noticing it at all."

The LifeBEAM Helmet will be carried by major wholesale distributors including Quality Bicycle Products (USA), Madison (UK), Bike Sportz (Australia), Live to Play (Canada) and Wolvenberg (Benelux). It will be available at stores in 50 countries beginning on September 28. The LifeBEAM helmet can also be purchased online from LifeBEAM, Lazer and ecommerce sites such as Amazon and eBay.

About LifeBEAM

A pioneer in bio-sensing hardware, analytics and software, LifeBEAM makes the world's most advanced wearable instruments for measuring human performance. The company offers an array of products for B2B clients, consumers and government agencies. The company is based in Israel with operation centers in the US and China.

For more information, visit life-beam.com.

SOURCE LifeBEAM throug PRNewswire by press release

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