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This winter,OXBOW whisks you away on a fabulous journey through a collection emerging from the Norwegian fjords before soaring majestically to the summits of the unchanging Himalayan Mountains.

Two journeys, two dream destinations in the footsteps of our new season’s encounters.Follow our new ambassadors: Jacinthe and Benoit in Norway, Sara and Sébastien in Nepal.


With Scandinavian inspiration, this theme opens the season with a colour palette that combines simple and natural shades. Patterns draw their inspiration from Northern seas:

Norwegian jacquards, motifs inspired by Scandinavian boardsports,wide stripes and blocks of colours.


A mountain collection in an 'expedition' style designed for outdoor fans, whilst retaining its link with the lifestyle collections. In a more close-fitting yet comfortable style, this line features deeply intense colours, camouflage prints and deconstructed and fragmented patterns.

First lines taken from travel journals:

“The Indian summer takes shape, all set to broaden our horizons. Time for a week soaking up the Baltic atmosphere, grabbing a handful of T-shirts, one or two light sweaters and we’re off, camera in hand, to face the icy waves of the Norwegian Sea.” Jacinthe, Stylist.

“A little later in the season, in the depths of winter, we’re in the Himalayas for a shoot. On the high plateaux of Ladakh, we are deep into the sacred mountains. Our luggage holds essentials only; a warm and comfortable chunky knit sweater, thick and protective chinos and a fabulous colourful jacket. Wide-eyed in wonder, we take it all in...” Sara, Journalist.

OXBOW hopes you enjoy your travels!

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