Archambault , the French Shipyard again in bankruptcy

Yesterday's announcement of bankruptcy for Archambault Yachts.

Recovery accompanied by a 6-month observation period.

Last April, Thomas Duhen took over the direction of Archambault Yachts, already in recovery at that time.

As expert on US and Brazilian markets for which it has developed a multi-import-export business in boating, then resumed a fragile business. At that time (April 2014), the yard has some orders and 11 employees still included Archambault 's brothers, sons of the company creator more than 50 years.

But the good results of the new A13 model Teasing Machine helmed by Eric de Turckheim during the Commodores Cup did not seem sufficient to redress the balance of the yard.

Unless the design and commissioning of this model, launched by Gilles Caminade previous owner, were too heavy investments?

to be continued ..

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