Skitaker Launches In Time For The Season!

Pre-order the accessory every Skier needs and make carrying your skis effortless

VALENCIA, Spain, Feb. 19, 2015 -- Skitaker (www.skitaker.com) is now taking pre-orders through Indiegogo. Skitaker is a must-have ski accessory that makes the load of carrying your skis less cumbersome and does not interfere with the skiing experience.

Skitaker fits most sized ski boots and fits ski tails 6 to 12,8 cms. It is made of a lightweight polyamide and glass fiber, which ensures a high resistance to stress and temperature. Less than half a pound, you do not have to remove Skitaker while skiing and using it reduces the weight and risk of injury when carrying your ski's. Skitaker promotes increased "eyesight control" of your skis (not with classic shoulder carrying).

"I invented Skitaker because I love to ski. I noticed that many adults and children struggle to carry their skis easily and quickly," says Oscar Ramiro CEO and founder of Skitaker. "Skitaker makes it feel like your ski's are so feather light that you don't realize you're carrying them with you."

Skitaker is an Internationally patented product. The pre-order price starts at only $36. Skitaker is scheduled to begin delivering as early as March 10, 2015, in time for this ski season. You can pre-order Skitaker now on Indiegogo: http://igg.me/at/skitaker

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