Precor AMT – the dream piece of exercisers and fitness facility operators

Since its launch in 2007, the Precor AMT® (Adaptive Motion Trainer) has become Precor’s flagship product and the favoured piece of equipment of exercisers, personal trainers and fitness facility operators. The latest step in the evolution of this industry-changing product will be the launch of AMT Team Fit at the IHRSA 2015 (International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association)  trade show in March.

The original AMT® (Adaptive Motion Trainer) was launched in 2007. It was a success right from the start.

The reason for its popularity is actually very simple: according to its name, the AMT is able to adapt to the needs of exercisers and fulfill the equipment needs of fitness facility operators.
Unlike traditional ellipticals that lock the movements into a fixed motion path, the AMT allows the exercisers to move just the way they want.

 “Users can define their own motion paths on the AMT. They can step, walk, jog, run, and squat in a non-impact, joint friendly environment. In addition, they can increase the training challenge by varying resistance, stride length, and step height on the run”, says Doug Durnford, Precor Senior Product Manager, Commercial.

From novices to athletes

For gym operators, the AMT has become a dream piece. It has proven to be a versatile fitness tool that helps operators build and grow their business. The AMT offers fitness facility operators several benefits:

The AMT can help to engage a wide range of a facility’s member base. It offers a low-impact, yet a challenging workout, for everyone from a novice or aging exerciser to the experienced athlete.
Furthermore, the AMT has the training benefits of a treadmill and elliptical trainer, but takes up less space on the gym floor, giving the operators more flexibility when it comes to the floor layout of a facility.

Last but not least, personal trainers like the AMT.

“The AMT gives personal trainers the opportunity to connect with the members one-on-one and educate them. This provides an excellent in-road for the personal trainers to build their clientele and generate secondary gym revenue”, Durnford explains.

Tips and education

Ever since the AMT was launched, Precor has developed it further. The second generation AMT, AMT with Open Stride was introduced in May 2012. Open Stride lets the user not only change the length of the stride, but also the height.

Today, Precor is making a strong push toward education around the AMT.
“We have recently launched Precor Coaching Center, an online resource center for fitness professionals and exercisers. It includes coaching tips, videos and fitness programs”, says Erica Tillinghast, Global Education Manager.

The next step in the evolution is AMT Team Fit, an AMT-based small group training program. It will be launched at IHRSA trade show in Los Angeles from March 11 through 14.

“AMT Team Fit is designed to help members work-out more efficiently, and to help personal trainers increase the use of personal training services. The dynamic nature of the AMT makes it a natural fit for small group training”, Tillinghast emphasizes.

“In addition to AMTs, operators will now be able to purchase AMT Team Fit education tools to build out their in-facility AMT Team Fit programs. As part of this program, operators will have the opportunity to engage with Precor Master Trainers, who host AMT Team Fit training sessions that fully prepare a facility’s trainers to lead these classes”, says Tillinghast.

Intense intervals

The trends in aerobic training are changing quickly. The demand for workouts that produce more results in a minimal amount of time is rising everywhere.

Examples of these modern workouts are HIIT training (High Intensity Interval Training), Tabata, and Supersetting.

Once again, the AMT aptly adapts to these new trends.

“Due to the equipment’s versatility, it is a natural fit for both traditional aerobic conditioning methods and interval training. We’ve created training tips and programs for the AMT that fill these needs and interests”, says Tillinghast.

 “The AMT will undoubtedly continue to be the flagship product for Precor and the company will use the experience from its success to explore future innovations”, Doug Durnford promises.

Precor Coaching Center

Precor Coaching Center is the one-stop shop for the latest Precor Education and Training resources for fitness professionals, operators, service providers and exercisers.
Cooper Institute Training Tips

The Cooper Institute, established in 1970, is a nonprofit research and education organization dedicated globally to preventive medicine. The Institute's founder Kenneth H. Cooper became interested in the role of exercise in preserving health. He is the author of the 1968 book Aerobics and inventor of the widely-used Cooper test.

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