Big Wave Surfer Laird Hamilton and HighX Founder Gabrielle Reece Continue to Innovate with the Launch of TotalWave Fitness

LIVERPOOL, N.Y.--Fitness Technologies, LLC of Liverpool, NY consisting of high profile owners including Laird Hamilton, Gabrielle Reece and the Drescher Family, will be launching the most exciting core workout, and cardio fitness machine ever made, at the IHRSA trade show in Los Angeles, CA Booth #1879 March 12th and 13th.

Brought to the fitness world by big wave surfer Laird Hamilton and HighX founder Gabrielle Reece, the TotalWave, derived from the exciting motions of surfing and the board sports, is a fun, highly efficient, low-impact exercise that is easy to learn, safe and effective for all age groups and fitness levels.

“The TotalWave has a work component and a fun component, but as you get to know the machine you start to realize how diverse it is for cardio, for strengthening, for balance and even stretching” says Gabrielle Reece fitness icon, model and athlete.

TotalWave effectively engages the abdominal muscles which provide movement and support to the torso- often called “THE CORE”. Also known as “ABS”, these muscles include abdominals and obliques, and they are very important to body posture and a healthy back.

“The TotalWave is a perfect training tool for me as a big wave surfer as it provides the movements indicative of surfing or snowboarding. The unique component of the TotalWave is that it also provides a diverse set of movements that are fun, and helps provide the strength and balance necessary for any sport, and for general fitness. I also really like that you can progress in skill with the machine, and as users skill levels progress you can get into the hands free movements, which provide some of the adrenaline and endorphins that you get from other sports,” says Laird Hamilton legendary big waver surfer.

Fitness clubs have been highly supportive of the TotalWave machine as it is highly durable and requires no ongoing maintenance, nor does it require electricity usage, which can save thousands of dollars in operating costs over its lifetime, when compared to powered equipment like treadmills. The TotalWave also requires less space than a treadmill, and also tends to create a large group of highly dedicated users and personal trainers within the clubs.

“We are honored to have Laird Hamilton and Gabrielle Reece as part of our team, we believe this product will be the new standard in fitness. The TotalWave provides a fun and efficient workout, and appeals to all users, young and old, at all fitness abilities. Our business culture is based on social responsibility and this new product fits perfectly into our efforts to build sustainable and socially responsible companies,” says Bud Drescher, Chairman.

Visit www.totalwavefitness.com for more information

See Laird Hamilton and Gabrielle Reece introduce the TotalWave via video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwv6PUq1mUo

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