Ex Timex CEO Launches Vector Smartwatch

LONDON, Feb. 23, 2015-- Our time is one with technology and information is becoming more omnipresent and increasingly personal. From a personal computer, to a smartphone, the world moves to a new type of personal device: the smartwatch. A promising development with huge potential.

We believe technology should help people to be happier human beings by making their lives easier. Each day new developments offer opportunities that make the world not only more interesting, but increasingly complicated as well. Surrounded by things that fight for our attention, we are constantly seduced to spend time on things we do not care about. It is a continuous challenge to remain balanced and keep focused.


Unsatisfied with what is currently on the market, we started to re-imagine the smartwatch. A journey to explore the exciting possibilities of personal technology.

Our purpose is to simplify your life in an increasingly complex world. Combining our expertise in software and hardware development with an in-depth understanding of watch design and behavioural insights, we have created elegant and intelligent watches that intuitively integrate with your personal life. Desirable pieces of jewellery that give you time offering the right information, at the right moment, in the right way.


Design truly matters

Our watches are designed as beautiful pieces of jewellery, not as gadgets or smartphones strapped to your wrist. Less gadget, more style.

Intelligence truly matters

Our watches are self-learning personal accessories that require minimal interaction and adapt to your individual needs. They are developed to continuously learn from their owner, to offer the right information at a glance. Less interaction, more relevance.

Convenience truly matters

Our watches seamlessly integrate with your life, and are developed with the idea to require less interaction instead of more. They are always on, can be worn and used 24/7 – even in the shower - and they watches only need to be charged once a month. Less annoyance, more convenience.


Our Vector vision stems from a desire to reimagine the traditional timepiece for today's digital world. We want to create a new watch for the 21st century; one that is grounded in the past, with the right balance of technology to give it a genuine place in our everyday lives. Something familiar, yet progressive, that can be confidently used to streamline daily activities and tasks so you can focus on what truly matters.

It was this inspiring vision that attracted ex-CEO & President of Timex, Joe Santana, to return to the watch world 7 years on and bring this innovation to market.


Joe was introduced to CTO Andrei Pitis & team in 2014, when activity in the wearables industry was beginning to gain early traction. A renowned technology entrepreneur & inventor with over two decades of experience in computer science, Andrei had been quietly working on a smartwatch project for some time.

It was under Joe's direction that Timex established a new & diverse global brand portfolio that spanned the exquisite timepieces of Vincent Bérard to the high-fashion & lifestyle lines of Ferragamo, Valentino and Versace. During his 20 years' service with the brand, Joe had become well-accustomed to identifying & predicting the next key trends in the watch industry.

When Joe learned about the technology advantage that Andrei was developing, he knew that this would be a major advancement in the emerging wearables space. With his strong background in the market and passion for new technology and innovation, this opportunity was the perfect combination of challenge and intrigue, and encouraged Joe to take on the role of CEO at Vector Watch.


Joe quickly realised that by combining the software architecture, Andrei and his team were working on with his own expertise and success in the watch industry, Vector would be able to deliver a true game-changer.

The current market provided a mixture of beautiful timepieces that lacked innovative technology or technology-oriented wearables with no real sense of style. There was clearly a gap to be filled. Starting beyond the smartwatch, development focused first on an end-to-end technology platform specifically designed for the wearables space.

Andrei assembled a team of dynamic software & hardware engineers to build up the platform and develop the simple, yet intuitive technology that would be necessary if they were to succeed in bringing their smartwatch into the mainstream.

With extensive experience spanning various technological innovations, including his involvement in successful European start-ups iRewind, a recent winner of the prestigious Innovation Award of the Geneva Inventions Salon, and premier taxi-ordering service CleverTaxi, Andrei's strong technology leadership underpinned the entire team.


The focus shifted to creating a truly wearable and beautiful watch, with the attention to detail that transforms a piece of hardware into a desirable piece of jewellery.

When it came to choosing the creative partner to join Vector, Joe only had a single person in mind, having already worked with the talented British product designer on several successful product development projects during his time at Timex.

Steve Jarvis was involved in the creative direction of the Sport (Ironman) & Expedition lines at Timex Group, working to combine key industry trends with the latest cutting-edge technology. From there, he progressed to Design Director of Nike Vision (eyewear) in 2008, and went on to become the Senior Designer for Nike Digital Sport, as part of the team that brought the Sportwatch and hugely popular fitness tracker Nike FuelBand that launched in 2012.

With over 19 years' experience working to design breakthrough lifestyle & activity products for some of the most prestigious brands in the industry, Steve had the experience and creative focus to provide Vector with the elegant & timeless design that would make it more jewellery than gadget. Most importantly, he knew how to make beautiful wearables that people would want to wear.

Fast-forward twelve months, and this next generation smartwatch is set to shake up the wearable sphere at the official Vector launch event in Basel, announced for March 2015.

Media Contact: David S, Vector Watch, 01183249000, davids@vectorwatch.com

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