Exercise Smarter By Managing Your Stamina In Real Time With GoMore™

The Athlete's Fuel Gauge Monitor Launches On Kickstarter on March 12th 

SAN FRANCISCO, March 5, 2015 -- GoMore is a "fuel gauge monitor" for athletes. Similar to how a driver needs to know how much fuel is left in a car to determine how and whether a trip could be completed, an athlete needs to know how much fuel, i.e. stamina, is left in the body to pace well for a good performance. GoMore is changing the sports and fitness landscape by empowering athletes to utilize their stamina as a measureable and manageable quantity to exercise smarter, perform better, and unleash untapped potential.

 GoMore, the flagship product of bOMDIC that comprises a stamina sensor and mobile app, will launch under the campaign "GoMore -The Athlete's Fuel Gauge Monitor" with a goal to raise $100,000 USD to purchase materials required for mass production. Special package rates for GoMore are being offered on Kickstarter starting at $99 USD (MSRP $149 USD) with expected shipping in May 2015.

There's a personal story behind the birth of GoMore. Dr. Scott Cheng, the founder of bOMDIC, has a heart condition and was told by his doctors to exercise to keep his heart strong. As an avid cyclist and like many athletes who have medical conditions, he wanted to continue improving athletically while keeping a firm grasp of his body condition. Dr. Cheng therefore invented a patented algorithm that powers GoMore to measure stamina with the hopes that it could be used to help athletes work more efficiently and improve through being in better tune with their bodies. These hopes were reassured recently when GoMore came out on top with the Intel Award at the 2014 Intel APEC Challenge.

GoMore measures stamina by interpreting soft biometrics and cardiac signal features in real time during exercises. Currently endurance sports including running, cycling, hiking, and indoor treadmill training are supported. Athletes specializing in other sports may also find GoMore to be incredibly useful when cross-training in those areas.

GoMore enables athletes to:

1. Better adjust pacing based on real-time feedback of stamina levels.
2. Visualize current performance limits from algorithm-projected distances or calorie-burn amounts attainable based on stamina usage.
3. Analyze capability changes over time and across different endurance sports from performance and projection records.

"Your physical limitations must be clearly understood before making any game plan," explains Dr. Hsin-Fu Kuo, CEO of bOMDIC, "with GoMore we'll help athletes visualize stamina in numbers, manage stamina in training and races, and build stamina to break limits." In the past, athletes relied on data gathered from several gadgets along with often years of experience to devise optimal approaches to improving their exercise economies. Now, it's possible to do so in a more efficient and intuitive manner via stamina management with GoMore."


bOMDIC Inc., a privately held company with offices in Taipei, Taiwan, and San Francisco, California, is the first company in the world to provide stamina measurements in real time for athletes. The company was founded in 2011 to provide consumers with medical grade level solutions for stamina management. The team consists of seasoned engineers and designers with backgrounds in medical development and electrical engineering dedicated to delivering consumer products and service eco-systems for stamina monitoring, training, pace adjustment, and performance analysis. For more information, please visit the website at www.gomore.me

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