In 2015, the Design Summer Camp travels to Annecy!

The Design Summer Camp is an event whose goal is to bring together every stakeholder in the design process - in other words those professions involved in product development - from the Action Outdoor Sports industry (surfing and other board sports as well as outdoor sports).

The event encourages designers, engineers, graphic designers, industrial experts, professionals, professors, and students to meet with each other.

The Design Summer Camp is the ideal venue to examine the role design plays in the development and growth of companies in the Action Outdoor Sports industry, and facilitate the link with other sectors such as the digital technology or aerospace industries.

Created and supported by ESTIA Engineering School in Southwestern France, in partnership with EuroSIMA and OSV, the "DSC" seeks to offer a unique design-focused event for the Action Outdoor Sports industry.

After spending two years in Anglet (Southwestern France), the conference will now alternate from one year to the next between ocean and mountains. The upcoming 2015 edition will take place in Annecy (French Alps), with the goal of offering an increasingly professional and international flavor to the Design Summer Camp so as to benefit from local know-how and the strengths the Lake Annecy Basin has to offer.

Join us from Monday, September 14, to Friday, September 18, 2015, at the Art School in Annecy (ESAAA).

For more information: claire(at)outdoorsportsvalley.org

Source OSV.org

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