Rainbow Sandals announced its expansion into the Canadian retail market

Toronto, Canada – March 2nd, 2015-- Rainbow Sandals announces its expansion into the Canadian retail market, effective March 1st, 2015. Partnering with Mike Weatherall of Allweather sales, Rainbow will now tackle the Canadian market shipping directly from their Headquarters in San Clemente, California.

Started in 1974 by Jay “Sparky” Longley, Rainbow Sandals has a reputation of making quality and comfortable sandals and being passed from customer to customer is how Rainbow has grown to be the popular sandal they are today.

Seeing an opportunity with success in the few retailers that carry the product in Canada, the time was ripe to expand into more markets. “We’re aware of the demand for our product in Canada.  We sell to Nordstrom and J Crew in the US who distribute our sandals to their Canadian locations and sell well there”, said Pat Huber, Director of Retail Operations for Rainbow. “We have a cult-like following…our customers are extremely loyal and refuse to wear any other sandal.”

Rainbow has developed an extremely loyal client base in the US over the past 40 years thanks to a functional product that has become a fashion statement because of good looks, great fit and long life.

Rainbow Sandals offers its “Repair, Reuse, Recycle” program where previously worn sandals are returned for refurbishment and then donated to those in need. Rainbow is also very active in community development and supports more than 30 charitable organizations.

Their corporate headquarters are solar powered and equipped with plug-in electric car charging stations, continuing their mandate of eco-friendly operations.

Sales in Canada will be handled through Mike Weatherall and his Ontario based agency, Allweather sales.  “We met and joined forces with Mike who has great relationships selling products in the Canadian market”, continued Pat.

For more information about Rainbow, check them out online at www.rainbowsandals.com and for dealer inquires please contact Mike Weatherall at mike@allweathersales.ca

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