SenseLabs Acquires Psychological Assessment Provider, Targeted Testing Inc.

Move Brings Cognitive Assessments Into Versus Brain Training Platform 

San Francisco, CA  May 12, 2015. SenseLabs, the creators of Versus brain training, today announced its acquisition of Targeted Testing Inc. — a leader in the development of evidence-based assessment systems used to screen for common psychological disorders.

Targeted Testing Inc. is best known for its computer based assessment program PADDS, the Pediatric Attention Disorders Diagnostic Screener. PADDS is frequently used by pediatric clinical psychologists to assess ADD and ADHD among children.

The procurement allows SenseLabs to offer cognitive assessments through its Versus platform, in addition to the NeuroPerformance Assessment (NPA) currently available. While the NPA quantifies the physiological performance of the brain, cognitive assessments are designed to measure capacity for memory, reading comprehension, and more.

“The team at Targeted Testing has done an incredible job at validating the efficacy of their assessments,” said Austin Miller, Co-founder and CEO of SenseLabs. “These assessments offer meaningful insight to parents and their children, and we’re pleased to make it available inside our Versus product ecosystem.”

Targeted Testing co-founder Dr. Thomas Pedigo added “We’re passionate about providing a screening process that’s truly effective, but also an experience that doesn’t alienate the kids going through it. SenseLabs’ emphasis on improving performance, and work with professional athletes, goes a long way in terms of making kids feel comfortable during the process and ultimately work past these issues.”

About Targeted Testing Inc.

Targeted Testing Inc., founded by Dr. Thomas K. Pedigo Ed.D. and Kenneth L. Pedigo, is currently developing and researching several new lines of computer administered and evidence-based assessments systems to be used in screening psychological disorders. Their primary developmental approach consists of two main areas of focus. The first relates to integrating an updated construct of the disorders and the specific criteria, while the second addresses the question of how to enhance diagnostic accuracy in an efficient manner.

About SenseLabs

SenseLabs is on a mission to improve human performance. Led by a team of science and startup veterans, the company commercializes mobile brain sensing technology and improvement algorithms. SenseLabs provides training protocols and cloud services that deliver quantified improvements in focus, impulse control as well as sleep and stress management. Versus is the first consumer product that brings this training to students, athletes, working professionals, and more.

For more information visit senselabs.com.

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