Kiqplan's New Digital Health and Fitness Programmes Create Fitter, 'Gorgeouser' Human Beings

LONDON, June 1, 2015 -- Fitness technologies specialist Fitbug has launched four new coaching apps as part of its Kiqplan range. 'Your First 5K', '10K Run Ready', 'Bikini Hot' and 'Sun's Out, Guns Out' are available to purchase now, and they are packed with motivational features and expert advice designed to help people get bikini beautiful and fit for a summer of fun.

Health and fitness specialist Fitbug has announced the launch of four new digital coaching programmes for Apple and Android devices. For men who like to look ripped and ready for action on the beach, their prayers have been answered. And women wanting to look their bikini best this year finally have access to a personal trainer who won't complain when they're late for the gym.

There are also two coaching apps for people who want to make it round 5K and 10K courses without needing emergency medical treatment at the finish line. Events such as Parkrun races, Race for Life and GOSH fun runs are growing in popularity throughout the UK and beyond. The new Kiqplan coaching apps prepare people so they can complete these arduous races without the need for a piggy-backs, stretchers or taxis.

Users of these four new Kiqplan programmes will gain access to specialist advice, motivation and performance analysis - effectively giving people the services of a personal trainer in the palm of their hand (without the huge bill). Labelled as '12-week coaching plans', Kiqplan's new digital programmes take users on a health and fitness journey that should end with feelings of confidence, sexiness and gorgeousness.

Kiqplan digital apps are personal trainers, nutritionists and lifestyle gurus all rolled into one. They take information from activity trackers and smart phones, including the number of steps the user takes and the number of calories consumed. Along with the personal information entered by the user, the apps devise very personal training plans with the individual's current physical capabilities in mind.

Users are sent workout videos in line with their fitness levels, and progress reports ensure people are always on track for their 12-week goal. Users who achieve their periodical goals are given a huge slap on the back with a shiny performance badge. But when efforts fall short, a short, sharp kick up the backside is administered - in the form of brutal feedback, modified workout regimes and new targets.

Your First 5K

The 'Your First 5K' coaching app is a 12-week programme designed to get people physically and mentally prepared for the rigours of long-distance running. The app is intuitive, which means everyone from pot-bellied dads to Olympic sprinters can use it. A combination of lifestyle tips, workout videos and progress reports keeps users on course to meet their goal of successfully completing a 5K run without needing oxygen afterwards.

10K Run Ready

The '10K Run Ready' digital coaching app is a 12-week programme designed to get people into shape and ready to strut around a 10K course with all the confidence and prowess of an Olympic champion. The increasing popularity of charity 10K races means more and more people are in need of expert help with their preparations and training - this digital programme is a cost effective way for people to gain access to the expert advice they need.

Bikini Hot

With summer just around the corner, women of all shapes and sizes are planning their holidays. For women who want to smoulder with sexiness by the sea, there is now a personal trainer available that slips effortlessly into any travel bag. The 'Bikini Hot' coaching app has been developed in order to help women get into shape in readiness for a summer of fun on sun-kissed beaches around the world. This 12-week programme is packed with workout tips, nutritional advice and lifestyle tips - all designed with the ultimate goal of ensuring women turn heads with their gorgeousness on beaches from Blackpool to Barbados.

Sun's Out, Guns Out

The 'Sun's Out, Guns Out' coaching app has been designed for men who want to get beach-ready in just 12 weeks. Suitable for men of all shapes and sizes, this programme delivers advice, progress reports and recognition with the ultimate goal of getting men into shape for a summer on the beach. Guys who want to show off their toned body with pride, instead of hiding their beer belly with loose-fitting clothes, will find all the expert advice and motivation they need from this intuitive app.

Simon Breakell is the new Director of Marketing at Fitbug, and he brings a wealth of experience to the digital health and fitness brand. The former Head of Consumer Marketing at Adidas Group is the man charged with developing the Fitbug and Kiqplan brands, and he is excited about the latest additions to the Kiqplan collection of coaching apps:

"More and more people are trying to make permanent changes to their lifestyle, and to do so usually requires motivation, knowledge and the monitoring of progress.

"These Kiqplan apps give people access to the specialised services of personal trainers, dieticians and lifestyle experts - all for less than £20. The costs of these services often run into hundreds of pounds, so we're proud that we've been able to give people the health and fitness expertise they need at such a low price."

The four new Kiqplan coaching apps are available to purchase now from the official website.

About Fitbug

Fitbug develops and produces a range of technologies related to health and fitness. Specialising in wearable devices, health and fitness apps and lifestyle services, Fitbug developed the Kiqplan range of coaching apps in order to give people affordable access to the expert services of personal trainers and dieticians.

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