Moshun Launches New Video Platform for Action Sports Content

The action sports industry has a new internet TV option for promoting curated, user, athlete, videographer, and brand-generated videos. Moshun is the premier destination for action sports content, culture and lifestyle. It's the place to shoot, share & see action sports. 

Encinitas, CA  June 17, 2015-- Changing the way action sports video content is managed, viewed, and shared, Encinitas, CA and Seattle, WA based Moshun® has created a unique video platform of curated, user, athlete, videographer, and brand-generated content that shows the continuous achievements of the surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, skiing, biking, and climbing communities. Designed as an internet TV destination for action sports, Moshun features a worldwide community of motivated users, videographers, and brands sharing their talents, perspectives, and energies in the video format.

The unique Moshun platform features a constantly growing cache of videos - skateboarding, mountain biking, snowboarding, climbing, and surfing videos, etc. - that are matched with a carousel of related products from exclusive affiliates below each video. Moshun’s affiliate program includes products from Amazon®, REI®, Jack’s Surfboards®, EVO®, Surf/Ride® and others that can be purchased by viewers with the click of a button from the product carousel.

Most importantly, industry brands have the advantage of creating custom carousels that feature their own products. Brands can promote and sell the products unique to their market directly below the videos they have uploaded onto Moshun. Brands experience additional advantages by being able to highlight their own roster of athletes along with the products they sell while identifying and rewarding the brand ambassadors who share, comment, and engage with others about the videos they watch. This combination of athlete promotion, product sales, and consumer engagement create an unparalleled ROI opportunity for action sports companies. To keep users engaged and interacting with the videos on the site, Moshun enables users to curate their own “playlists” of videos to play continuously or share with other Moshun community members.

“The five founders of Moshun are passionate participants in the activities represented in the videos on the Moshun platform. That passion transcends to the user experience through exceptional content and to the brands we represent by offering a new way of marketing and selling products to a captive demographic,” explained Moshun spokesperson, Tayler Hollman. “Moshun is truly a community of athletes, enthusiasts and videographers sharing a mutual dedication to the culture and lifestyle associated with action sports. Having offices in Seattle and Southern California puts us in the heart of two epicenters of the sports we represent and allows us to promote the ‘See it. Share it. Live it.’ lifestyle reflected in our brand tagline”

Though live since February of this year and featuring over 1500 videos on the site with more uploaded each day, Moshun will be officially celebrating it’s grand debut with a Launch Party June 27th in Oceanside, California at Linksoul Lab (530 S. Coast Hwy).

About Moshun

Moshun is the premier destination for action sports content, culture and lifestyle. It's the place to shoot, share & see action sports. For more information, please visit our website.

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