KneeBinding Gains Momentum With First Of Its Kind Ski Binding

Professional-level bindings combine performance with unique knee protection 

Stowe, VT  KneeBinding, an American brand based in Stowe, VT, is taking the ski industry by storm with its line of ground-breaking ski bindings, equipped with the most revolutionary alpine binding innovation to appear on the market in over five decades. Engineered specifically for modern ski shapes, and with over 10 years of product research and development under its belt, KneeBinding offers the only flat mount ski bindings proven to protect against most ACL tears – the most commonly reported injury in the sport – all without compromising performance. 

Designed to excel at every skier level and used extensively by seasoned hard-chargers and first-timers alike, KneeBinding products add a third dimension to standard bindings with a first of its kind PureLateral™ heel release. This multi-patented mechanism detects the forces that cause harmful knee tears and can release before the injury happens - without any pre-release issues. 

While the lateral heel release protects your knees, the one of a kind FlexFloat™ floating mount system and unique Leveredge™ interface allow users to access their ski’s full potential. KneeBindings are specifically designed for shaped skis, allowing the ski to flex more naturally through each turn, while improving leverage, edge-grip, and retention, ensuring skiers get the most from their equipment.

“We founded KneeBinding to empower skiers of all ages and skill sets to not only perform at the highest level but to also finally be able to trust that their gear will protect them against the most common, serious ski injury,” said Steve Walkerman, Chief Operating Officer. “We have spent the past seven years perfecting our bindings to be sure we offer the highest quality product on the market. We believe that your gear should always have your back, and we’ve worked tirelessly to live up to that promise.” 

In an otherwise stagnant market, KneeBinding offers a world of firsts:
  • The only binding for flat skis with a floating mount system, allowing modern skis to flex the way they are intended to and minimizing risk of premature release
  • The only binding on the market with boot platforms in both the front and rear that match the width of the boot sole, improving leverage and edge-grip
  • The only binding manufactured in the USA
  • The only carbon fiber binding on the market
  • The only binding proven to protect against most ACL and other knee injuries.
“50 years ago, broken legs were the number one injury for avid skiers,” said John Springer-Miller, KneeBinding Chairman. “The development of safety bindings in the 1960s with lateral toe and forward heel releases solved the broken leg problem, and these became the standard protocol for all bindings. Now, KneeBinding is doing for knee ligaments what those bindings did for fractures. It’s the next step forward to take this sport to the next level, and as skiers ourselves, we are excited to continue pushing the boundaries of where our gear can take us.” 

KneeBinding currently offers a collection of five models, including the newly released HardCore14, the world’s only carbon-fiber binding, and a model specifically configured for women. KneeBindings are available now for purchase at over 500 trusted retailers worldwide. 

For more information on KneeBinding, please visit http://www.KneeBinding.com.

About KneeBinding :

Made in America and based in Stowe, VT, KneeBinding provides the world's only proven solution to the more than 70,000 ski-related ACL injuries and countless other knee injuries that occur every year. The safest alpine ski bindings in the world, KneeBinding products have a multi-patented, first-of-its-kind PureLateral™ heel release that detects the forces that cause most knee injuries and releases the ski boot before an injury can occur. Engineered specifically for modern ski shapes, KneeBindings protect skiers from injury without compromising retention and performance. 

To learn more about KneeBinding, please visit http://www.KneeBinding.com.

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