STX Unveils Surgeon Rx Hockey Stick

Ice Hockey Stick Designed for Offensive-Minded Players Is the First to Include STX’s Precision Flex Profile™ and Quad Core™ Blade 

Baltimore, MD June 01, 2015--Baltimore-based STX, LLC, a global sporting goods leader, today announced that its new Surgeon Rx ice hockey stick is available for sale nationwide.
Engineered for offensive-minded players looking for unmatched control, the Surgeon Rx debuts STX’s Precision Flex Profile™ and Quad Core™ Blade. The Precision Flex Profile includes a narrowed flex peak in the lower section of the stick to enhance quick, responsive play, and a stiff upper portion to isolate the flex peak and maximize the stick’s load capacity.

The new Quad Core Blade combines a light internal design and reduced twisting of the blade with a softer face for more responsive control on the ice. Designed with exceptional puck feel, the blade allows hockey players to have a soft touch but is still stiff enough so that it does not bend on shots. The Surgeon Rx also features an ultra-high balance, which amplifies the feel and playability of the stick.

Brandon Pirri, forward for the Florida Panthers, and Jiri Hudler, forward for the Calgary Flames, began competing with the Surgeon Rx during the second half of the 2014-15 National Hockey League (NHL) season.

"The Surgeon Rx is light, well-balanced and has an incredibly responsive release. Switching to this new stick mid-season was an easy decision for me,” said Pirri. “The Surgeon Rx helped me reach career highs in goals and points this season.”

With the help of the Surgeon Rx, Pirri earned 17 points and scored 16 goals in just 27 games when using the stick. Hudler scored 17 goals and 25 points in the last three months of the season and shattered his previous career high in points.

“The unique Quad Core Blade and Precision Flex profile provide the most responsive control in the game. For forwards like Pirri and Hudler, having a stick that can provide a quick release is incredibly important to their shots,” said Matt Hoppe, Senior Global Brand Manager at STX. “They excelled and performed at an incredibly high level this season with the Surgeon Rx.”

STX launched its ice hockey product line in the spring of 2014 and has grown the category to include sticks, gloves, shin guards, elbow pads and shoulder pads for beginner to professional players. The new Surgeon Rx is available for senior, intermediate, junior and youth athletes.

For more information and to find out where to purchase the Surgeon Rx, please visit http://www.stx.com/hockey.

About STX:

STX is a global sporting goods leader in the sports of lacrosse, field hockey and ice hockey. With its 1970 introduction of the first synthetic lacrosse head, STX ushered in the “modern era” of what is now the fastest growing team sport. Based in Baltimore, the home of lacrosse, STX has been universally recognized for innovation in product design and development. STX continues to strive for new performance standards in sporting goods equipment at the highest levels of competition.

For more information, visit http://www.stx.com.

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