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The World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI) continues its very successful series of WFSGI Manufacturers Forum. From December 2-3, 2015 the WFSGI is gathering the critical mass of sporting goods and apparel brands and their independent supplier factories on a global basis in order to discuss topics “Beyond Lean Manufacturing”. The Forum will be supported by the International Apparel Federation.

This year’s event will not only focus on the more technically orientated topics but also on Corporate Responsibility in its many aspects. During the two-day conference the audience will have the opportunity to interactively participate in workshops and raise questions to the keynote speakers with regard to circular manufacturing, lean production, reduction of labor intensive production as well as workforce education and human-centered manufacturing.

“We are pleased to present a first line-up of speakers already today and we are looking forward to learning more about solutions and hands-on advice on how to improve factory operations through lean production from the global automotive parts supplier Bosch”, notes Robbert de Kock, Secretary General of the WFSGI. Carsten zur Steege, Managing Director of Bosch Automotive (Thailand) Co., Ltd. will present a novel and holistic approach to lean production which integrates established lean principles and methods with the EFQM business excellence framework (EFQM: European Foundation for Quality Management). This approach, known as “Excellent Lean Production”, provides concrete guidance for lean implementation that delivers real improvements to the bottom line.

Prof. Steve Evans, from University of Cambridge will present the idea of circular manufacturing and how to keep each molecule and fibre strand within the system that creates value for as long as possible. “Brands, designers and manufacturers have the technical knowledge that could allow those molecules to keep delivering value, but the dominant system we all use - design, make, sell, leave it with the customer – makes it difficult to apply our knowledge”, says Prof. Steve Evans. Gerhard Flatz, Managing Director of tech-textile giant KTC Ltd. will provide the attendees with information on how one can define new socially sustainable workplaces where human dimension is built into the foundation.

As of today, the Forum’s preliminary agenda is live and registration at www.wfsgi.org is open.

About the WFSGI

Global solutions through international teamwork – The World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI) was founded in 1978 and is the world authoritative body for the sports industry officially recognized by the IOC as the industry representative within the Olympic family. The WFSGI is an independent, non-profit and non-governmental association formed by sports brands, manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, national federations and other sporting goods industry related businesses. The WFSGI plays a strategic role in the support and promotion of the sporting goods industry worldwide. The WFSGI promotes free and fair trade and provides platforms for the intergovernmental cooperation with regards to the International Organizations interested or affected by sports. Its aim is also to expand the cooperation on the protection of intellectual property rights and improve human rights issues related to working conditions. All this can be done through contacts with International Organizations such as the ILO, WTO, WHO, UN but also through International Sports Federations (FIFA, IAAF, FIVB, etc.) and the IOC, via the exchange of information and clearing house on issues and topics developed by WFSGI’s various committees.

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