Copertura : " I finally found the real warm jacket for cold weather"

I know you're thinking it's just September, you don't need a warm jacket yet. Well, you know many people like to make sure they have all the fashion ducks in a row before the cold air moves in and with this new ColdQuest jacket they've got something stylish and warm no matter where they are headed. ColdQuest is the new heated jacket by Copertura. It's designed to be fashionable and functional, something that's never actually blended before. Please check out here on kickstarter.

Sep. 6, 2014 - NEW CITY, N.Y. -- Copertura Label, the new innovative fashion brand is launching on Thursday, 21st August, the pre-orders for its Winter 2014 collection named Cold Quest. For this occasion the company, which is combining technological items and design, is using the kickstarter website until Tuesday, 30th September, 2014.

Berlin - 21st August, 2014 — Wearable technology and fashion design are the key words of the Cold Quest collection and the heating jacket embodies this concept.

“As you know, Winter is coming! We are already preparing this time,” says Ivers — Copertura Label founder and CEO. Indeed, the Cold Quest collection has been designed to fulfil the desires of outdoor activities fans, Winter sports lovers and everyone who is living in a cold location. They would like to feel warm outside in cold and snowy weather.

Technology brought into fashion

For that the new fashion brand is bringing on the market a fashionable heating jacket. It is combining fashionable designs with a technological system already successfully used by outdoor professionals in only one product. The heating jacket owns a rechargeable battery in one of its pocket.

As soon as you press the ON button, the heating process starts. You need 2 to 5 minutes to reach the optimum temperature, which is adjustable. The jacket can be used in outside temperatures between -60 degrees Celsius to +45 degrees Celsius and it keeps you warm up to 6 hours .

Copertura Label is realising the jackets of the Cold Quest collection with the same technological heating system incorporated in professional heating jackets. Therefore this functionality brought into fashion is a safe innovation. However, you need to wear your heating jacket with caution: wear at least a T-shirt under it and do not be close to fire or other heating sources.

Winter 2014 collection dedicated to heating jackets

The collection counts different models and sizes suitable for women and men. Every jacket is named from a mountain or a cold place. Copertura Label customises companies heating jackets with logo or brand name as well.

An Unusual launching in the fashion industry

This fashion brand doesn't follow the usual fashion way of doing. The Cold Quest collection is only launched online, on the well-known kickstarter, a crowdfunding website. From Thursday, 21st August to Tuesday, 30th September, 2014 the heating jacket is available there, starting with the Berlin model. This crowdfunding campaign represents the emergence of an innovative and unconventional fashion brand.

We are now live on Kickstarter

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