Nicolai Electric Bikes on Display in Las Vegas at Interbike 2014 by Nicolai USA

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Nicolai USA will be presenting the lineup of popular Nicolai electric bikes and custom bike products on September 10th through 12th at Interbike 2014, held at Mandalay Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV. 

Las Vegas, NV  September 02, 2014

German engineering and electric bikes come together for display in the US for Interbike 2014. Nicolai USA will have electric bikes and select custom bike products available for riding and demonstration at booth 32160 on September 10th through 12th at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada.

“Nicolai Engineering has formulated the best innovators and engineers together to bring some of the latest trends in electric bikes to the US,” said Darin Brin, director at Nicolai USA. “We invite everyone to experience the latest in Gravity, Downhill and Enduro electric bikes from Nicolai,” said Brin.

Nicolai’s Ion 16 Eboxx-2 entered the 2014 segment in ePerformance bikes at Eurobike that will be on display at Interbike for North America. This E-Bike is based on the Enduro bike Ion 16. Nicolai have put themselves firmly in the electric high performance segment with 160mm travel and Bosch mid-drive motor for this design.

Furthermore Nicolai will be displaying electric bikes featuring Gates Carbon Drives. Gates are a proven system especially designed to be quiet, smooth and offer a practically maintenance free experience. Gates Carbon Drive sets modern standards for custom electric bikes in the world.
This year Nicolai will be introducing an undisclosed new electric dirt bike at Interbike as well. The bike will be a staple for years to come as it enters production over the next few weeks. No pictures are currently available at the time of press.

“We already have a huge interest in the bike without any promotion. Our phones are full of customers looking for this bike and price. It’s simply a product of Nicolai Engineering warming up as the electric dirt bikes enter the USA market. Kalle Nicolai had a vision for his electric dirt bike and we look forward to being a part of the process,” said Brin.

To order Nicolai bikes and request to become an authorized dealer, please call 310-455-6175 or visit online at: http://www.nicolai-usa.com

About Nicolai USA

Nicolai USA is the premier North American distributor for the award-winning line of Nicolai bikes for dealerships in the United States, Mexico and Canada. Bike dealers are encouraged to inquire about opportunities to become an authorized dealer. For more information about retailing in your area or how to purchase, please contact Nicolai USA for details.

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