Stance and skateboard legend Todd Francis release new sock collaboration

A legend in the skateboarding industry, Todd Francis is no stranger to using creative license for controversial expressionism. As one of the sport’s legendary graphic artists, Stance has partnered with Todd Francis on an exclusive design featuring his signature Anti-Hero Eagle. With a sharp sense of wit, and humor, Stance’s Todd Francis collaboration attaches meaning to powerful imagery. The Todd Francis collaboration launched September 8, 2014.
About Stance

Founded in 2010, STANCE unravels the spool of convention to create an original canvas worthy of the art it is paired with. A commune of creativity, STANCE is dedicated to the spirit of individuality. Celebrate bold expression with free-thinking fabric that becomes thread poetry in motion. Send a crystal clear mixed message that's silently loud and quietly bold. Designed in San Clemente, worn everywhere.

For more info on Stance and its Punks & Poets, please visit stance.com
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