Based on the Growth of Dense, Urban Mega Cities, American Cycle Company Revolutionizes The Bicycle Industry as we know it!

LOS ANGELES, April 9, 2015-- Ten percent of San Francisco and 6% of Portland daily commuters ride a bicycle to work. The bicycle has not changed much in over 120 years, until now. The ESurge is the revolution that will take American Cities by storm, a high quality electric bicycle that can go up to 22 mph and 19 miles on a single charge. American cities are expecting to have 20% of commuter's on bicycles by 2020. The ESurge is the first mass produced e-bike that brings green technology and advanced framework for as little as $599.

Imagine paying 1/3 of the price of the normal $2,000 e-bike, without losing quality materials and components. The revolution is only happening because ACC is teaming up with companies like LeatherUp.com (www.Leatherup.com) to sell their e-bikes directly over the Internet and directly through places like the Indiegogo crowd funding platform. Imagine millions of e-bikes on the streets of American cities, cleaner air, faster travel times then bicycles, more bikes lanes, more efficient and denser mega cities. The future is here and starts with the ESurge.

We are truly on the edge of something revolutionary here in the United States. Bicycle sales globally, including the e-bike, have continued to grow each year. Here in the United States, 25 states offer protected bike lanes in one or more cities. In fact, we are expected to sell 350,000 e-bikes into the growing U.S. marketplace in 2015.

We have seen larger than expected growth into metropolitan cities that are supporting those people who choose to live in a more urban setting, using the e-bike as their chosen form of "around town" transportation. As we see more and more of this dense growth within this urban reality, e-bikes will continue to grow with them. Pricing will have to become more and more realistic for those who make these choices, without surrendering the quality of the overall product. American Cycle Company is committed to supporting this part of the equation.

At 52 pounds, the ESurge is built off of a 6061 aluminum mountain bike platform, Shimano components and 26x4 inch "Fat Tires." It is powered by a 250 watt motor and a 20 volt canister style Lithium Ion Battery. Powered via pedal assist or throttle and even old school pedaling.

Revolutionary in more ways than one, American Cycle Company hopes to be your partner as we all move forward. (www.americancycle.bike)

If you are considering an e-bike purchase, then do yourself a favor and take a look at the ESurge Electric Mountain Bike.

Media contact: Casey Thomas, 1-213-745-4007, americancyclecompany@yahoo.com

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