Inside Access: Nike Fosters Basketball’s Growth and Culture Throughout Greater China

With more than a century of growth, Greater China’s basketball roots have spawned a hoops-obsessed nation of more that 300 million current active participants*. The explosion of popularity in the last 20 years has quickly fueled the country’s passion to play, watch and closely follow the sport and its athletes. As the world’s leading sports brand, Nike is committed to help young athletes in Greater China develop their skills and knowledge of the game.

Leading Team Basketball 

Through its partnership with China’s National team, Chinese Taipei and Team Hong Kong since 1996, 1997 and 2007, respectively, Nike has committed to growing the game at the team level. In almost 20 years of partnership, Nike continues to provide Chinese players with basketball’s leading footwear and apparel innovations, in addition to tailor-made training programs, coaching and training clinics.

Since 1996, Chinese has sent 10 elite athletes, including Yi Jianlian, Wang Zhelin and Zhou Qi, to the Nike Hoop Summit, the premier global basketball game for high school-aged boys that features America's top seniors playing against a World Select Team. The event has become a showcase for participants moving on to play basketball collegiately and professionally.

Furthermore, hundreds young Chinese players, including Zhou Qi, Dingyan Yuhang and Gao Shang have received access to high level training and competition opportunities through Nike’s annual All-Asia Camp which has been held in China since 2002.

Nike not only focuses on the development of professional basketball in Greater China, but also understands the value in growing grassroots basketball; it was the first brand to organize high school basketball in Mainland China in 1998. Last year, this initiative reached a new milestone with its expansion to over 200 teams.

Nike was a strong catalyst growing the amateur game in 1997, a pivotal year for basketball’s development in Greater China. That year the brand introduced 3 vs. 3 basketball to China along with Taiwan’s High School Basketball League (HBL), which hosted 30,000 fans for this season’s 2015 HBL Boy’s and Girl’s Finals. This strong legacy of growing the game fueled this year’s launch of the CBA 3 vs. 3 League.

Innovation Evolution 

Innovation is the engine that drives Nike Basketball. Borne out of the insight that outdoor basketball is the predominant style of play in China, Nike has established a very powerful outdoor basketball footwear franchise. The shoes are designed for strength, durability and breathability in all weather conditions and for a variety of surfaces.

The Nike Hyperfuse, LeBron Ambassador, Kobe Venomenon and KD Trey5 were designed with China’s outdoor basketball surface and extreme heat as inspiration. These shoes developed from local Chinese insight and focus group testing. They are international models that helped pave the way for an outdoor basketball shoe resurgence.

Mastering the Game Fundamentals

To help Chinese youth train and understand the importance of fundamental skills, Nike basketball has released a series of training videos via its digital and social media platforms. Featuring a variety of elite athletes and coaches, the videos have been viewed over 10 million times.

Additionally, Nike provides consumers with a one-stop-shop at 18 experiential stores throughout Greater China, offering premium basketball products and enhanced experiences true to the sport. With the revamped Nike.com website, customers now have more colors, sizes, styles and customization options available.

Summer Athlete Tours 

Every year, Nike invites the world’s top athletes to Greater China to coach and instruct young players and share their own stories to inspire kids. David Robinson and Joe Smith were two of the first basketball superstars to inspire to Chinese basketball fans when they toured the country in 1997.

Vince Carter visited Greater China for the first time with Nike in 2002, shortly after reaching new international heights with his performance at the Sydney Games in 2000. Like his predecessors, Carter awed crowds with his spectacular play and inspired a new generation of athletes.

Hall of Famer Michael Jordan visited Greater China for the first time in the summer of 2004 and over the following years Nike’s basketball elite – LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, Anthony Davis and Kyrie Irving, to name a few – have visited over 20 cities in Greater China. They have coached Chinese youth players to improve basketball skills and shared their own stories of inspiration.

Iconic Campaigns Draw Fans

Beginning in the last 90s, Nike launched a series of basketball marketing campaigns that have since become iconic and that have left a lasting mark on Chinese basketball culture. The “Chinese Basketball Heroes” series of TV commercials featuring Chinese National Team players sparked excitement in 1997. In 2001, the “Nike Hip Hoop” campaign encouraged young players to express themselves through basketball and spurred the growth of street basketball and 3 vs. 3 games.

Chen Jianghua and his team won the 3 vs. 3 national championship that year, leading to his invitation to the youth team of professional club, Guangdong Southern Tigers before continuing his career on the Chinese National Team.

The “I Dream” campaign in 2002 motivated Chinese athletes to dream big and take action. In 2007, Nike launched “Emperor Baller” campaign, an epic street basketball tournaments to unearth the best young players in Beijing. Held over three intense days, only the best players made it to the final that was staged inside the walls of the Forbidden City. The campaign localized basketball in Beijing and creatively elevated the Chinese basketball culture in a modern way.

Kobe Bryant’s Influence on the Game 

Bryant’s impact in Greater China has been truly remarkable. In 2008, Nike introduced the “Kobe Disciples” campaign that saw invited Chinese youth participate in a rigorous national competition before flying to Los Angeles to be trained by Bryant for a week. Bryant’s legendary work ethic and passion for the game were on display and served as inspiration for the selected participants.

In the same year, Nike launched the “I’m Striving” TV commercial featuring Yi Jianlian to motivate Chinese youth to challenge themselves on and off the court. In 2010, Nike produced “Lian”, a documentary about the inspirational stories of Yi Jianlian, Zhu Fangyu and Wang Shipeng and their undying pursuit of greatness.

Festival of Sport Takes Shape 

Nike hosted the “Festival of Sports” in Shanghai in 2011 and 2012. Top athletes such as James, Durant and Irving participated in various sports, such as basketball, soccer, tennis, American football and golf. The four-day event had huge influence on the game in China and encouraged Chinese kids to actively participate in sports. Nike’s “Give Me The Ball” campaign in 2013 ignited the ambition of Chinese basketball fans countrywide.

RISE Fuels Basketball Participation

The RISE campaign has taken Nike’s influence on the game in an even more creative and innovative direction. Established in 2014 as the first basketball docu-drama in China, RISE is a multifaceted campaign built to inspire young athletes to rise above the expectations others have of them, and that they may even have of themselves.

An integral piece of the RISE platform, Byrant hosted athletes in the final draft as part of a five-day experience at a state-of-the-art basketball facility in Shanghai.
“The most important attribute of RISE is really about taking up the challenge and rising from adversity, or even just rising up to the challenge right in front of you,” said Bryant. “It is not all about the result, but about the journey of rising.”
James has been another player integral to RISE’s astounding success. He has connected with thousands of fans to convey his RISE message of “work hard and believe in yourself” during his visits to Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Kaohsiung and Taipei.
James told the young players, “When I was a kid, I didn’t let anything stop me from rising up through playing basketball. I just had the love of the game. I love competition and I love to win for the team. This is my motivation to RISE.”
RISE 2015 officially kicked off on May 21. Basketball-loving kids have been invited to participate in the draft phase online and offline. Only 30 players will be selected during an 11-city tour, June 20 to June 28. Nike athletes Davis, Irving, Bryant and James will join RISE 2015. They will head to RISE-themed courts in Hong Kong, Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai, respectively. They will train the selected players, with the first episode of the 2015 RISE docu-dram broadcasted in early July.

Nike will also launch RISE-themed products in the RISE COLLECTION, which includes KYRIE 1, Zoom LeBron Soldier IX, Kobe Venomenom 5, KD Trey5 III and RISE T-shirts.

Basketball is on fire in China. The excitement that Chinese kids bring to the game is infectious. Nike is inspired by these kids. Their passion drives Nike to deliver signature products specifically designed for the Chinese game, launch creative campaigns to amp up the country’s basketball energy and give young players the chance to interact with and learn from their heroes and some of the best players in the world. It’s a package that only Nike can deliver.

*According to statistics from Chinese Basketball Association

Source Nike© Text and pictures









自1996年,耐克携手中国国家队开始,并随后相继在1997年和2007年开始支持中华台北和中国香港队。在过去20年间, 耐克持续为大中华区运动员提供最具创新的比赛训练队服、球鞋等装备、特别制定的训练计划、培训及训练课程。

从1996年开始,耐克先后邀请易建联、王哲林、周琦等十位中国年轻球员,前往美国参加耐克篮球峰会(Nike Hoop Summit)。在那里,他们和来自世界各地的优秀球员组成“国际队”,与一批同龄的极具天赋的美国高中生组成的“美国队”同场竞技。耐克篮球峰会经已成 为年青球员步入大学篮球和职业篮球前,向全世界展示才华的舞台。

从2002年开始,包括易建联、丁彦雨航、高尚在内数百位大中华区年青运动员先后被邀请到耐克亚洲训练营(Nike All-Asia Camp),接受高水平的训练和比赛。


1997年是大中华区篮球发展的关键一年,而耐克的参与加速了当时基层篮球的发展 。那一年耐克不仅将三对三篮球项目引入大中华区,也开始携手台湾高中联赛(HBL)。2015年的HBL女篮和男篮总决赛便吸引超过30000名观众到现 场助威。而这个推动篮球发展的传统也促成“中国三对三联赛”在今年成立。




创新是推动耐克篮球向前进的引擎。明白到户外篮球在大中华区的普及,耐克针对性地设计出满足户外篮球需求的篮球鞋系列,包括了Nike Hyperfuse, LeBron Ambassador, Kobe Venomenon and KD Trey5等。这些产品的开发源自大中华篮球当地市场的需要,以及目标群的测试。而这些随后在全球各地推出的鞋款,也推动了户外篮球的再次兴起。





耐克篮球已经在大中华区建立18家篮球体验店,为消费者提供一站式的篮球购物体验 。而通过全新的Nike.com网站,消费者获得了更丰富的颜色、尺码、款式及自定义产品的选择。






2004年夏天,篮球名人堂成员迈克尔·乔丹第一次访问大中华区,此后勒布朗·詹姆斯、科比·布莱恩特、凯文·杜兰特、卡梅隆·安东尼、克里斯·保 罗、布雷克·格里芬、安东尼·戴维斯和凯里·欧文等运动员先后访问大中华区超过20座城市,指导青少年磨练技术,并分享各自的篮球故事 。





1997年,耐克推出“中国篮球英雄”系列电视广告,主打中国国家队球员的故事,引发话题; 2001年,耐克推出“街舞风雷”市场推广活动,激励青少年通过篮球张扬个性、表达创意,并积极推动街头篮球文化及三对三篮球运动发展。当年,陈江华率队 夺得该项赛事全国总冠军。随后,陈江华加盟广东宏远青年队,开启了最终入选中国男篮的职业生涯道路。

2002年,耐克推出“我梦想”系列广告,鼓励更多青少年大胆追梦,並且付诸行动;2007年,耐克推出“京城篮球少爷”街头篮球活动,三天的激烈 比赛和选拔中,云集北京的顶尖青少年好手,最后晋级的青少年球员在紫禁城内上演最终决赛。通过篮球与北京传统文化的融合,大中华区篮球文化得到更具现代感 的诠释。




科比在大中华区拥有非常巨大的影响力 。2008年,耐克推出“科比门徒”活动,邀请从激烈的全国选拔赛胜出的青少年球员赴洛杉矶师从科比。经过一周的特训,科比的职业道德精神和对比赛的热情一览无遗,成为年轻球员们的榜样。





 “耐克运动汇”分别于2011和2012年在上海举办,詹姆斯、杜兰特、欧文等顶尖运动员到场,除了积极参与篮球活动,他们还尝试了篮 球、足球、网球、美式足球、高尔夫等运动,为期四天的活动不但推广篮球运动,更深深地鼓励更多青少年参与体育运动。 2013年,耐克通过 “把球给我”市场推广活动,鼓励大中华区青少年敢于梦想并为之努力。






科比还了分享他对“打出名堂”的理解:“想打出名堂,我认为最重要的是要勇于迎接挑战、面对逆境。 甚至,在面临困境的时候挺身而战的精神,这之中的过程,比最终的结果更为重要。”
詹姆斯的参与是打出名堂活动另一个重要亮点,他在北京,广州,香港,高雄及台北传递打出名堂的精神,并向所有参与这场篮球盛事的青少年强调 “不断努力,相信自己”的信念。

耐克2015“打出名堂”从5月21日至6月18日接受报名,篮球爱好者可以通过微信或大中华区指定耐克零售店和球场的摄录点参与海选。活 动将于6月20日至6月28日在大中华区11座城市进行 “打出名堂”巡回选拔,训练和选拔30位最终晋级的球员。今年夏天,安东尼·戴维斯、欧文、科比和詹姆斯将分别在位于香港、北京、广州、上海的“打出名堂 主题球场”为晋级的球员进行特训,并和他们共同经历独一无二的篮球体验。2015“打出名堂”的首集短片将于7月上旬通过网络平台在大中华区播出。

与此同时,耐克还将推出以“打出名堂”为设计理念推出系列产品——RISE COLLECTION。其中包括KYRIE 1、LeBron Soldier IX、Kobe Venomenon 5、KD Trey 5 III以及“打出名堂”系列T恤。

篮球运动在大中华地区生机勃勃,青少年对于这项运动的热爱同样激励耐克不断前进:设计满足当地市场需求的签名鞋系列产品;通过一系列极具创意的市场 推广活动进一步点燃大中华区的篮球热情,并且为青少年提供面对面向他们偶像学习、与他们互动的机会——只有耐克能够做到这一切。







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