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June 02, 2015-- Amer Sports is committed to reducing environmental impacts of operations through use of methods that are both responsible and economically sound. Amer Sports brands are responsible for their environmental actions, based on the common environmental guidelines.

Recently, Atomic and Precor were awarded for their long-term work for ecologically and sustainable measures. Atomic has done consistent work to develop a sustainable production facility and Precor is committed to environmentally aware practices.

Umwelt Blatt Salzburg 2015 award for Amer Sports Winter Sports Equipment facility in Altenmarkt

Amer Sports Winter Sports Equipment facility in Altenmarkt, Austria has again received an award for its ongoing actions in environmental management.

The Altenmarkt facility received the local "Umwelt Blatt Salzburg 2015” award for its consistent work to develop a sustainable factory. The site has consistently invested in environmental and ecologically sustainable measures over the past few years, including:
  • Heating presses with woodchips instead of oil
  • Using 100% recycled water for grinding processes
  • Energy optimization through heat recovery
  • Production efficiency through smart use of materials
  • Further processing and utilization of process waste and residual material
  • Meeting the highest environmental standards in the EU

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May 23, 2014: Amer Sports' Altenmarkt site awarded for exemplary waste management

King County honors for Precor for its environmental compliance

Precor received a local award from King County (Washington state) for the five years of environmental compliance due to the manufacturing facility’s commitment to environmentally aware practices.

Commitment-to-Compliance, Gold and Silver Awards are given each year for significant industrial users of the sewer system that have maintained an excellent record of compliance with rules and regulations.

King County’s Rewards and Recognition Program recognizes industrial wastewater dischargers that meet or exceed wastewater discharge permit requirements, helping protect public health and the environment by controlling the discharge of substances that can degrade wastewater treatment, harm workers, damage facilities or reduce water and biosolids quality.

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