GoPole® Releases New and Improved Versatile Mounts and Accessories To Expand The Capability Of GoPro® Cameras

Products include the Bobber®, Grenade Grip, Venturecase, Hi-Torque Thumbscrew Pack and Lenspen®

POMPTON PLAINS, N.J., July 23, 2014 -- GoPole (gopole.com), the original and leading third party GoPro camera accessory brand, has introduced the latest versions of its unique and versatile collection of GoPro camera mounts, accessories and storage cases. The Bobber, Grenade Grip, Venturecase, Hi-Torque Thumbscrew Pack, and Lenspen were each specifically designed and improved upon to help expand the capabilities of a GoPro camera.


The latest version of the patent-pending Bobber (MSRP $29.99) is the newest available GoPole mount and the first of its kind, doubling as both a handgrip and flotation device and strategically redesigned with a bright yellow body, no-slip durable grip and extra buoyant construction to easily spot and save a GoPro camera when dropped in the water. The pocket-sized, ultra-portable Grenade Grip (MSRP $24.99) is a must-have GoPole mount, with the new version offering even more versatility and ease of use than ever before for any and all adventurous handheld GoPro camera activities. The updated Grenade Grip is even smaller than it's predecessor and allows for users to easily hand hold their camera for selfies and POV footage.


The Hi-Torque Thumbscrew Pack (MSRP $14.99), contains three thumbscrews, allowing users to secure their cameras tighter and stronger to any mount. They also allow GoPro camera users much more leverage than the original stock thumbscrews, even with gloves on or in the water with slippery, wet hands. The multi-color pack (Transparent, Electric Blue, and Synergy Green) provides users with a personalized and custom look. Get clearer footage by cleaning your camera lens safely and quickly with the new Lenspen (MSRP $14.99). It easily removes fingerprints, dust and blemishes with the invisible cleaning compound, utilizing the flexible chamois cleaning tip and wiping away any excess with the retractable, ultra-fine brush.


Venturecase (MSRP $39.99) is the perfect weather resistant soft case kit to take on any adventure. It easily stores and protects up to two GoPro cameras and still has plenty of extra room for other GoPole mounts and accessories, remotes, batteries and more. The new case includes two camera compartments, an accessory compartment, a zip pocket, two mesh pockets, and weatherproof zippers. All the essentials anyone needs for an action packed outing.

"The new GoPole products were created to provide a more user-friendly experience for GoPro consumers," comments GoPole Vice President Ryan Vosburg. "Our products allow users to stay focused on capturing the highest quality action footage with their cameras, whether they are in the water or on land during any sport or active outdoor activity."

"The new GoPole Bobber is the ideal tool for capturing content while I'm wakeboarding or wakesurfing," comments pro-wakeboarder and sponsored GoPole athlete Josh Palma. "It's no-slip grip and low-profile design allows me to grab a diversity of footage while in the water and I can now go for even more difficult shots and creative angles because it floats so well. It's always reassuring to know that my GoPro camera is safe!"

Pro-snowboarder and sponsored GoPole athlete Tim Humphreys also comments, "I use the new GoPole Grenade Grip while I'm snowboarding and I love it. It's portable size and super rugged grip allows me to capture the best angles with my GoPro when I'm riding."

All products are available now and can be purchased worldwide online or at select retail stores including GoPole.com, Amazon.com, Best Buy, Target, Fry's Electronics, and B&H.

About GoPole

GoPole is the original GoPro accessory brand, offering users unique and versatile ways to expand the use of their GoPro cameras. Founded in 2010, GoPole is the #1 selling third-party GoPro accessory brand worldwide and the preferred GoPro accessories for the worlds top athletes and action sports filmmakers.

Visit GoPole at www.gopole.com; follow GoPole on Facebook.com/gopolemounts, Twitter.com/gopolemounts, Instagram.com/gopole

SOURCE GoPole by press release

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