Yamaha Motor Announce Strategies for Achieving Net Sales of 2 Trillion Yen in 2017

IWATA, JAPAN - September 12, 2014 -- Aiming for Net Sales of Over 1.6 Trillion Yen Ahead of Schedule

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. (Tokyo: 7272) laid out initiatives aimed at the early achievement of the 2 trillion in net sales with an operating income ratio of 7.5% by 2017 set out in their medium-term plan.

The company announced new goals for each business segment, including net sales of over 1 trillion yen or about 9.4 billion USD in the motorcycle business, net sales of over 300 billion yen and high-profit structure with an operating income ratio of 15% or more in the marine business, and over 300 billion yen sales in other segments as early as 2015.

In the motorcycle business, Yamaha Motor will expand the range of global models and next-generation platform models, and reveal newly-developed engines based on the BLUE CORE concept which strives to take riding enjoyment, fuel efficiency and environmental performance to new levels.

The aim is to reach an annual production of 5 million units with three BLUE CORE engines utilized in platform models by 2020. They further intend to accomplish a 40% platform model aggregation by 2015. The reduction of parts suppliers from 400 in 2012 to 195 has already been accomplished.

60% of the new models announced in the medium-term plan have been released, with the highly anticipated R-Series, MT-Series, Max-Series and LMW (Leaning Multi Wheel) models that epitomize innovative concepts, unsurpassed performance and function, and design that expresses a refined dynamism, still to come.

The company is also targeting the 3 billion yen global marine market. In developed markets, they will focus on expanding the US hull business and bolstering their lineup of competitive next-generation models for classes that have had less coverage to date. For emerging markets, they will establish a factory to supply fiber-reinforced plastic hulls for the fishing market in Zhangzidao, Dalian City, China.

In the other business segments, Yamaha wants to showcase their commitment to unique versatility by proposing new business models and expanding ROV (Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle), industrial robot, smart power vehicle, and industrial-use unmanned helicopter categories.

Mariko Saito / Global PR, Public Relations & Advertising Division Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.
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By press release source Yamaha Motor Co

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