VonZipper proudly presents the JetPack at SIA

Irvine, CA (January 27, 2015) -- VonZipper proudly presents the JetPack snow goggle for your interplanetary exploration at SIA, booth #3165. Come have a look! A combination of Space-age technology and popular science, the JetPack goggle addresses all factors of wintery extra-vehicular activities with this spherical, anti-fog, dual lens propulsion unit.

You'll blast off to infinity and beyond with the rimless frame made of Thermo-polyurethane for ultimate field of vision and telemetry. Triple density face foam for moisture wicking and comfort allow this unit to be easily worn with or without a helmet. All of the ground-based engineers will be amazed when you fly by in this personal jet device.

And for your JetPack pleasure, we bring you the 4PLAY LENS SYSTEM. The pursuit of wintery exploits is a set of emotional and physical actions between you and the mountain. VonZipper's exclusive 4Play quick change Lens System stimulates your on-snow experience and increases the intimacy between you and your goggle.

Everyone loves a quickie! With the 4Play system, a lens change has never been made more spontaneous. 2 lens release buttons on the brow line and 2 buttons on the bottom of the frame remove the lens.

To insert, line up the lens on the goggle mask and lovingly thrust the lens into place. All this can be performed wherever and whenever the conditions (or your mood) changes, with gloves on (for your protection) or off, all you have to do is lower your inhibitions and initiate 4Play.

ABOUT VonZipper -

VonZipper is about lifestyle and personality. Our mission is to develop, design and deliver premium eyewear, goggles, soft goods and accessories to the alternative mindset through participation in the sideways subculture and a commitment to the individual. Everything we do is a reflection of relationships; from employees and team riders, to our retailers and their customers. We bring smiles to faces and touch people with positive declarations of rebellion.

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