S@iLink, stay connected at sea!

S@iLink aims to satisfy the broadband IP communication needs of users on board ships and various vessels in coastal areas (fishing boats, yachts, research vessels, wind farms, coast guard & sea rescue vessels…,) as well as in port areas. It brings to your ship super fast internet access up to 100 Mbits/s, with ship-to-shore communication in a radius of approximately 20 nautical miles (37 km). 

S@iLink is comprised of a transmitter-receiver with two antennas. Installed on a boat, the terminals connect to 4G networks (frequency bands 1, 3, 7, 8 and 20), thus allowing communications at over 100 Mbits/s for distances up to 20 nautical miles. If the terminal is not in an area with 4G coverage, it is able to fall back on less advanced technology (UMTS and then GSM) to stay connected.

The system lets you connect a PC transparently via its Ethernet connection so that it can directly access a high-bandwidth IP network.

The same Ethernet connection can also be connected directly to a Wi-Fi router, which will provide access to a wireless broadband network for everyone on board.

With its reinforced mechanics, the S@iLink is made for the maritime environment, and is designed to withstand humidity and salt spray. Depending on sea conditions, the vessel may be subject to pitching and rolling motions. In order to maintain optimal communication, regardless of the movement of the boat on which the system is installed, the antenna radiation pattern needed to be optimized.

S@iLink is a result of two years of research in MVG in partnership with Thales Communications & Security, Alcatel-Lucent, Déti, Telecom Bretagne, supported by the two innovation hubs, "Images & Réseaux" and "Mer Bretagne Atlantique" (project TMS).

This French innovation has already been awarded two prizes (Prix Compétitivité mécénat Banexi Ventures et Grand Prix Images & Réseaux mécénat Bpifrance).

Watch the online video of S@iLink!

Price : 929€ HT (1 115 euros TTC)

You can now pre-order S@iLink with a discount of 80 € HT (849 € HT): Contact us here
Delivery from April 30, 2015 onwards.

Read the press release (FR).

Download S@iLink datasheet and Marketing document to know more!
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