Jordan Flight Runner 2: Bringing Jordan Brand Style to Sport Preparation

This spring, many athletes will step off the field and the court and into their off-season conditioning routines. To be the best, elite athletes understand that running and conditioning are vital to staying sharp and coming back stronger and faster next season.

The Jordan Flight Runner 2 supports this day-in, day-out commitment with the ultimate conditioning shoe that includes cushioned support and multidirectional flexibility.

While running is typically linear, Jordan Brand athletes know that running is only one element of conditioning. The multidirectional flexibility of the Jordan Flight Runner 2 prepares athletes for any kind of workout, including running, sprints and distance, but is equally supportive for building multidirectional athleticism. The Flight Flex midsole pattern is created to provide excellent cushioning and support while also allowing flex in all directions, bringing a more natural feeling to the versatile shoe.

The Jordan Flight Runner 2 will be available at select retail stores and Jordan.com for a suggested retail price of $120 beginning in February.

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