Tension Fit Trainer Launches Kickstarter Campaign

A workout you can do anywhere. TFT uses a closed chain tension system so your muscles are under tension with every move. As a result, every exercise is a compound movement, keeping workouts shorter and more effective. 

Los Angeles, CA January 21, 2015
Dr. Tremaine “Tre” Young of the Performance Health Modulus based in Columbus, Ohio announced today the launch of the Tension Fit Trainer kickstarter campaign.The product chose to launch via kickstarter due to the support of grassroots endeavors and in following the mentality that in order to succeed, one must invest in themselves.

The first of its kind, Tension Fit Trainer (TFT) offers an apparatus that will support each individual's goal to achieve peak performance in all realms of health, fitness and athletics utilizing tension force to properly provide for muscle coordination and dynamic muscle recruitment.

The Tension Fit Trainer (TFT) uses a closed chain tension system. When exercising with TFT the body is under a constant working tension force through every movement involving the body’s kinetic chain. It is this synchronization of muscle engagement that eliminates the possibility of wasted energy and elevates the total effectiveness of the body when using the Tension Fit Trainer (TFT) to perform exercise. The system has been created in three forms, differentiating themselves by the initial tension, and overall max working load.

Conceptualized and invented by Dr. Tremaine Young, the TFT system was created with an engineering mind coupled with a passionate approach to health, fitness and athletic excellence. Dr. Tre is a primary care physician who prior to becoming a healthcare practitioner earned an Engineering degree and excellence in that discipline for several years. “It was always my dream to help erase the dogma of fitness and by inventing TFT. I have been able to put the power of results and overall fitness back where they belong, with the individual” states Young.

Whether your focus is muscular strength, core function, cardio elevation, stamina sustainability, rehab adaptation, functional flexibility, and/or plyometric performance; the Tension Fit Trainer’s (TFT) patent pending design is devised to fulfill the totality of these elements.

Tension Fit Trainer will run a 30 day kickstarter campaign, with the three product sales as follows:

●    TFT Slim Gym (minimum tension) - $69
●    TFT All Pro - $79
●    TFT World Champ (maximum tension) - $89

The kickstarter campaign will also offer bundled packages including:

●    TFT Slim Gym & TFT All Pro - $129
●    TFT All Pro & TFT World Champ - $145
●    The Ultimate (All three) - $169

Additional offers on kickstarter will include:

●    Personal Trainer / Gym Package (3 Ultimate Bundle Packages) - $549
●    20 Products or more of each SKU will receive a 10% discount
●    Work out with the founder and inventor Dr. Tremaine Young (will fly within continental US) Group of 10 all to receive TFT's and T-shirts - $2500.00

For more information, as well as updates on TFT and current kickstarter status, follow-us on Facebook, Instagram at @TensionFitness and twitter is @tensionfitness1 as well as our website http://www.tensionfitness.com

About Dr. Tremaine Young

Dr. Tremaine Young, a professional engineer, and licensed primary care physician is also the creator and founder of the Tension Fit Training system. An Ohio native, Dr. Tre’ grew up one of four siblings and has always been a fan of teamwork, commitment, passion and dedication, learning these attributes in part excelling in basketball and track and field for his Perry High School team. Earning both academic and athletic scholarships, Young attended Ohio University where he received his BS in Industrial & Systems Engineering, while simultaneously becoming an All Mid American Conference (MAC) High and Long Jumper.

Dr. Tre’ went on to receive his doctorate in Chiropractic DC from Life University, taking his degree to a private practice and primary care physician for the next 10 plus years. Realizing his need to integrate personal wellness and activity into his career, Dr. Tre became a certified personal trainer in 2001.
With a busy lifestyle, Dr. Young found a space within the fitness world to create one piece of equipment that individuals could use for a full body workout. After extensive research and development, Tension Fit Trainer, or TFT was born. A portable fitness device that offers a new way of exercising, compromising resistance, suspension and body weight forces all in one.
Young currently resides in Ohio with his son, Nidjah J'red Young, 16 years old.

Source Dr. Tremaine Young through PRWEB by press release 

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