Ceramics study soon available

A scientific research study analyzing the effects of ceramics on the human body will be available in March ! EuroSIMA, OSV, and Sporaltec provided the Université de Savoie’s Physiology and Exercise laboratory (LPE) with financing to conduct the research.

The 22 male test subjects recruited for the study endured four 1.5 hour sessions, with 48 hours in between each to recover, for a total of 132 hours of various exercises using sensors and other measurement tools for analysis.

Several textiles were tested in different atmospheres (temperate, cold). The measurement took care about thermoregulation, muscular oxygenation, skin micro-circulation, subjective perceptions and strength indices.

The prices are defined as bellow (before tax):
Company <2 millions of turnover before tax: Members 500€ / Non-members : 1000€
Company >2 millions of turnover before tax : Members 1000€ / Non-members : 1500€
Other organisations : 2000€

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