ClimeCo Corporation helps make the #GreenestShow on Grass even greener

ClimeCo environmental commodities reduce the Waste Management Phoenix Open carbon footprint

BOYERTOWN, Pa., Jan. 27, 2015-- The carbon footprint of the largest and greenest professional golf tournament will be minimized with help from ClimeCo Corporation, advisor and trader of environmental commodity market products.

Each year at the Waste Management Phoenix Open, Waste Management tracks the carbon footprint of the tournament. This year, ClimeCo will retire carbon offsets that will help mitigate the emissions associated with the event which happens to be the most highly attended professional tournament, attracting an estimated 500,000 fans over seven days. This is just one of the sustainability initiatives being 'teed-up' during the event taking place January 26th – February 1st.

The Waste Management Phoenix Open has justly earned its namesake as the 'Greenest Show on Grass' for consistently attaining its ambitious zero-waste goals in 2013 and 2014 by implementing measures such as using biodiesel to power leaderboards, compressed natural gas to fuel waste hauling vehicles, renewable energy for electricity and by composting and recycling all of the generated waste.

As Waste Management continues to demonstrate its leadership of environmental sustainability initiatives, ClimeCo will work to secure and retire carbon offsets that will not only bring the Waste Management Phoenix Open closer to carbon neutrality, but will also support third-party verified greenhouse gas reduction projects that use methane gas from landfills to generate electricity.

As expressed by Waste Management, "It is what it is simply isn't how we view the environment of today. Rather, we prefer to ask the question, how can we make it better?"

ClimeCo representatives will be present at the Waste Management Phoenix Open January 26th – February 1st. Contact Dan Linsky to schedule an introduction or meeting.

About ClimeCo:

ClimeCo Corporation is a respected advisor and trader of environmental commodity market products. Specialized expertise in regional criteria pollutant trading programs, California cap-and-trade, voluntary markets and project financing of internal CO2 abatement systems complement ClimeCo's diverse commodity portfolio. Within the Climate Action Reserve, ClimeCo is the largest producer of U.S. voluntary carbon offsets, managing projects that reduce more than three million tonnes of CO2e per year. The offsets secured through ClimeCo will be retired in the name of the Waste Management Phoenix Open.

For information, contact 484-415-0501 or cjackson@climeco.com.

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