Freestyle2: Street Basketball Begins Its First Rookie Tournament on Steam

Any Freestyle2 newbies ready to blow off some Steam party are welcomed
SEOUL, South Korea-- GameKiss, a game platform owned by JoyCity (KOSDAQ:067000) is holding a big launch party celebrating its Freestyle2: Street Basketball (Freestyle2) release on Steam.

Freestyle2, launched on Steam on April 1, will host its very first rookie tournament for all newbies. New users who reach level 24 until April 22, will receive special reward of 1,000 Gkash bonus worth 10$ and 20,000 points.

“Let determination takes you there” remember these words and let them be etched in your mind as you start your long and amazing journey in Freestyle2.

If you think you have what it takes to win this event and want to be a part of our hall of fame, then it’s time to start playing Freestyle2 Street basketball now.

The applications for this tournament will start on April 8th and the event will be held on April.
Show off your skills and become the new ruler of the basketball court!

For more details, visit here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/339610
About Freestyle2: Street Basketball
‘Freestyle2: Street Basketball’ is a Free to Play fast-paced MMO sports PC game. Including Korea, China and United States service, more than 10 million players have played Freestyle2: Street Basketball in worldwide. In Freestyle2, players meet on virtual courts to challenge each other in a dynamic pick-up game environment, featuring cutting-edge music, fashions and gravity defying basketball moves. Feel the adrenaline as you experience the street style basketball moves and motions than anything ever experienced.

About GameKiss
Freestyle2 Basketball is managed by GameKiss which is a game platform owned by JoyCity (KOSDAQ:067000), the creators of Freestyle titles and previously known as JCE. GameKiss is a global multiplayer online game portal site launched by JoyCity on February 2009. Freestyle1 global service has been operated by JoyCity since 2009 and Freestyle2 launched on June 2014. As the game is being operated by the developer, it provides user oriented service environment to gamers and will continue to progress to introduce quality contents to global gamers.

Contacts: JoyCity Corp. /Chris Moon, 82-70-4000-8915 / Gamekiss_PR@joycity.com / http://www.gamekiss.com

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