RELLECIGA Swimwear Announces Summer Collaboration With EMI Singer Jessica Brando

NEW YORK, June 2, 2015 -- RELLECIGA, the popular bikini brand which has taken the world by storm with its aesthetic design and renowned customer service, announces a collaboration with the hottest Italian singer - Jessica Brando.

"As a part of their daily fashion routine, girls tend to focus on what to wear, when the real fashion secret starts with the perfect figure of the body," explains RELLECIGA celebrity fashion stylist CDO Mathilde. "Our partnership with Jessica makes sense in so many ways. First, this is one more significant step for RELLECIGA to cooperate with a celebrity, but it also shows that now RELLECIGA has branched out from models to singers."

"Tropical and effortlessly chic, a RELLECIGA swimsuit is the perfect representation of the fashion world," commented Jessica, when asked in an exclusive interview why she has chosen RELLECIGA as her exclusive summer wear supplier. "The energy, confidence, health and spirit of pursuing perfection is what impressed me most about the RIDI team.

"It is like looking in the mirror. I can see in the company how I reached my goal today. This is a refreshing synergy between a singer and a bikini brand. And after cooperating with RELLECIGA, I would like to tell everyone that we are all dream makers, while the RELLECIGA team, to me and to all of you, is the one who makes our dreams come true."

About Jessica Brando

Jessica was born in Grosseto, Tuscany and started singing at the age of five. In 2008, she signed with EMI Music Italy and then completed the recording for her debut EP in 2009, which includes four cover versions revisited in a very personal way. In July 2010, she became a worldwide ambassador for the line Adidas NEO Adidas

About RELLECIGA Swimwear

RELLECIGA is a Paris-based bikini brand with a dream of "the sexiest woman in the world wears the sexiest bikini", concentrating at every detail. Besides using better materials, which is a regular method to guarantee quality, RELLECIGA also uses better technology to improve the quality. For instance, it uses the folding technology to hide the stitches so that the wearer will not feel them and moreover, it looks even more aesthetic.

Will RELLECIGA and Jessica cooperate further in the future? Let's see and keep up to date with the latest RELLECIGA news at:

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