New products : Starboard NuEvo, Kode Wave, Quad Wave et Kode Freestyle Wave 2013 !

Starboard, The Tiki's brand , continues to innovate and out this year many new shapes for its 2013 range.

Starboard is preparing to leave in effect this year a new concept of wave board Surf inspired boards. The Nuevo was designed in Australia by James Hooper has twin fin and spread very pinched inward. As the surf, the bridge is flat and round rails. This board was designed for small and medium waves.

Nuevo Wave Starboard, Carbon or Wood constructions, arranged volumes: 73 (221x55), 80 (224x60), 93 (227x59, 5) liters

With the disappearance of the Evo IQ Philip Koester going on now that Kode has developed: a board announced fast and versatile air moves between modern carving and sliding. The Kode Wave will be delivered in twin fin but is convertible to Single. Kode Freestyle Wave range remains in the catalog with identical shapes to the vintage 2012.

Starboard Kode Wave, constructions Carbon or Wood or Technora: Volumes rested: 72 (223x55, 5), 77 (227x60), 82 (233 x 58.4), 87 (234x61)

Starboard Kode Freestyle Wave constructions Carbon or Wood or Technora, arranged volumes: 86 (234x59), 94 (234x61), 103 (234x64, 5).


-Quad Wave
Quad range has been completely redesigned to improve the level of control and versatility between small and large conditions. These boards will be available from mid August in surf shops.

Quad Wave Starboard, Carbon or Wood constructions, arranged volumes: 70 (223x56), 74 (227x57, 5), 77 (228x58), 82 (229x58, 5), 87 (230x59, 5), 92 (231x60, 5), 100 (231x60, 5)

French source :Windmag
More info: www.star-board.com

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