Business news :O'Neill entrusts his shoes at Bos Group

The Californian surf brand O'Neill, owned by the Dutch group Logo International, has granted a license to the company shoes Bos Group on Europe.

O'Neill entrusts his license shoes on the European market in Bos Group. The agreement covers the collection man, woman and child and also includes an offer of socks. The first models were born from this partnership will come out for the autumn-winter 2013-2014.

Dutch society Bos Group already has in its brand portfolio of international labels such as Converse and Gant. "We are delighted with this alliance with O'Neill and look forward to strengthening the brand across Europe, both in terms of developing its range of shoes in search of adequate distribution channels for distribution," said Roelof of Leeuw, its chief executive.

( French source : Audrey Bazanella / http://www.fashion-dailynews.com )
(Picture : Willem Haitink, CEO d’O'Neill (left) and Roelof de Leeuw, DG of Bos Group, DR)

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