Business news : Plastimo Will it disappear ?

17 July 2012, Lorient, France. 
It is the fear of all employees Lorient, given the weakness of the proposals of purchasing the company. They manifest this Wednesday in the city center.Jean-Louis Miles (GSC) and Gilles Le Roch (CGT) have no good news to announce to employees. They have met in the past weekend."The receiver has an update with us on potential buyers of different entities Navimo. There are only four cases. None is satisfactory. Worse, if one or the other is retained by the commercial court, it will scratch the activity Plastimo Lorient, on the map. Candidates are only interested in the activity compass and recovery. "A particularly sharp production, conducted by competent staff and therefore, difficult to be relocated. "But it occupies only a dozen people. "What about other employees that manufacture, sewing Life jackets, life rafts control, ensure the installation of deck fittings, known worldwide? "Well, nothing. "Meet the two delegates, disgusted and very worried about the future of the company and the brand Plastimo itself. 

More hope in St. Herblain !
 The anxiety is palpable at every level: from production to office managers and engineers, engineer-installed Avenue Henry Canopy in Lorient (Morbihan), where is located the headquarters of the group. Only the site of Saint-Herblain (Loire-Atlantique), which manufactures covers and portholes Goïot would eventually be taken over without too much damage. Forty jobs would be preserved."Now everything can go very fast" notice delegates. "Our budget lines are extremely limited. We depend on suppliers to continue to manufacture. "At the station Review of liferafts, installed at the base of Lorient submarines, boats waiting to be sent back to clients. But they remain stranded. Carriers have not been paid.Since its bankruptcy filing followed the bankruptcy reorganization on May 26, by the Commercial Court of Lorient, employees are briefed weekly by their representatives. "We are angry, but not resigned. "Jean-Louis summarize Miles and Gilles Le Roch, who accuse the CEO Albert Journo, have accelerated the fall of Navimo since he took over the company in 2009. "Nobody knows what is his strategy, but restructuring in relocation, we are now on the brink. " 

The CEO speaks :
 Albert Journo admits: "Employees of Lorient have reason to fear about the future of the company. I did what I could. Since the recovery, things escape me. I got up to 60 takeover candidates. But things are not simple. The file is in French. The international buyers are struggling to gain access. This does not mean that I continue to seek solutions. "The unions themselves are wondering. "We heard from 32 buyers at the start. 16 continued for a round. There remain only four, and no, we believe, can save Plastimo, France. "For now, nothing filter on the group's activities abroad: plant rafts and vests in Romania and manufacturing plastic parts near Genoa in Italy.This Wednesday at 11 pm, employees will be on the streets of Lorient, for an event they want before getting noisy before the sub-prefecture. Normally, a new hearing in the Commercial Court is scheduled for 27 July to take stock of the file. But it could be postponed until the autumn.

(French source : Ouest France , Françoise ROSSI.)

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