New products: Superfeet Appeals to Outdoor Market with Release of Supportive Merino Wool Insole

Insole Offers Outdoors Enthusiasts Improved Foot Support and Thermoregulation
Superfeet Worldwide Inc. will introduce its second Merino wool insole, merinoGREY™, at the 2012 Outdoor Retailer Summer Market tradeshow August 2-5th in Salt Lake City, UT.
At the same time, the company’s first Merino product, woolyWHITE, will undergo a name change to merinoWHITE™ to emphasize the beneficial qualities Merino wool brings to the line.

“Wool isn’t just for winter anymore, especially Merino,” says Superfeet Product Manager Dan Wakeland.  “Its ability to naturally wick moisture, regulate temperature and resist odor make it an exceptional material for insoles.  The wool we use has a crimped fiber structure that traps large quantities of air, reducing heat conduction and creating great insulation from both heat and cold.  This helps create a performance product that works year-round.”

MerinoGREY is a high-volume insole that reflects the shape and design of the company’s Green model, including a deep heel cup to naturally support the foot and provide maximum shock absorption.
Superfeet VP Sales Brad Parry believes the combination of these characteristics will appeal to previously untapped segments of the outdoor market.  “merinoGREY will add to Superfeet’s already strong penetration in ski, run and hike and further extend our reach into the sportsman, hunting and fishing markets,” says Parry.  “Similar to apparel where Merino wool is being used for all-season clothing base layers, the natural features of the fiber will enhance the outdoorsman’s experience in all weather conditions.”
The release of merinoGREY follows the introduction of the Superfeet woolyWHITE [now merinoWHITE] insole in early 2011.  Both products are available to order and will ship as of August 1st, 2012.  Superfeet can be found at booth #15017 at the Summer OR Tradeshow.

Amanda Norenberg, Media Relations
Superfeet Worldwide Inc.

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