Business news : Survey Suggests Stores Should Improve Integration to Stay Relevant

Info Retail releases findings from its recent Retail Integration Survey revealing younger adult shoppers use the Web and brick and mortar as sources of information.

ATLANTA—Info Retail, an Atlanta-based strategy and design agency focusing on the control and simplification of buying experiences, releases findings from its recent Retail Integration Survey. It revealed that millennials (18–35) rely on brick-and-mortar stores and technology equally to access information or to gain insights about a product they plan to purchase. Millennials were twice as likely to use technology to learn about products as consumers over 35 years old. The majority reported that the shopping experience was less than satisfying.

The Retail Integration Survey found that 64 percent of younger adult shoppers are using the Web and 65 percent are using stores for sources of information. This finding suggests that information both online and in the store must be consistent and that retailers must show continuity between the store and the Web to keep the interest of young shoppers.

The 35-and-older group reported that the integration at each touchpoint was seamless, whereas the 18–35 group felt that the integration needed work. After reviewing this information, Vollmer said, “Younger shoppers have higher expectations for touchpoint integration. There’s a big gap between the expectations of younger and older adult shoppers. These have to be managed to create a successful experience.”

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