Business news : Couach shipyard (France) backup procedure

Troubled times for Couach shipyard, 8th French manufacturer of pleasure boats ranked ActuNautique.com.
Conflict with two creditors who demand payment of several million, the shipyard Arcachon has indeed placed under the protection of the Tribunal de Commerce de Bordeaux.
The company is not in receivership contrary to the information published on some websites, and do not wish to empty the cash at the same time the international boat show season will begin and with it, the period of contract signing, the site there for the first time with his first yacht of 50m, the Pellegrina.

The first dispute concerned the Couach shipyard opposed to a Russian customer who ordered him a yacht of 50m. Due to a construction delay of three months consecutive to the disappearance of the previous owner of the site, Fabrice Vial, the client wishes to cancel the order and obtain a refund of its 9 million deposit. The project has proposed to make this refund once the boat is completed, the construction being advanced to 30%, but the client refuses gesture.
The second difference is in turn related to a dispute for which a bank requires 3 million reimbursement for a mold shell construction which no longer owns.
At the end of the backup process, the Couach shipyard working on a plan to repay its debts to be presented to the Tribunal de Commerce de Bordeaux.
Created a century ago, shipyards Couach have hardly experienced the crisis of 2009. Heavily indebted, the company was the same year placed in receivership, unable to bear this burden insurmountable, before being taken by an industrial window industry, Fabrice Vial.
An industrialist who tried to redress the balance without success and who was murdered on his yacht there just one year. Again in trouble, the company again changed hands to be taken by the company Nepteam structure created by French industrialists, including Florent Battistella, former head of Converteam (formerly Alstom Power Conversion), sold to General Electric (GE).

( French Source :  ActuNautique.com)

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